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What is Wm?

woman marine aka walking mattres

guy 1 yo me and flip double teamed jamie last night!
guy 2 yeah she really lives up to being a wm

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Wm - what is it?

female marine, otherwise known as a wookie marine.

man that wm sure is a nasty bitch (marines making wookie sound as a female marine walks by)

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What does "Wm" mean?

Wise Mule Syndrome: A condition in which one cannot stop being a smart ass, regardless of race, culture, situation, alcoholic content, or media. While the contemporary social view is that clinical sufferers of this condition are choosing to be a smart ass, it is in fact, medically impossible for them not to be without the proper medication. If you encounter someone who has been diagnosed with WMS the proper response is to either back away slowly, or laugh at everything they say as the are inwardly sensitive and self-conscious. And awesome.

"I apologize for equating your bust to water balloons during my speech at your wedding reception last night. I suffer from WMS."

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Wm - what does it mean?

Term used to designate that a Marine is Female.

Female Marines are called WM's.

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Wm - meaning

Means: Wanna meet

Wm tomorrow in town at 2oclock

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Wm - definition

Short for Working Man, it is also usually accompanied by making the symbol for the W and M with your hands, the W is made by holding the Right hand upwards with the index, middle and ring finger all outstretched and spread apart, then the same with the left hand apart from poining it downwards.
Its used mainly to make fun of your friends who bitch and moan all the time like little girls about how hard they have been working

Scott: "Dude im so fucking tired, ive been working like a slave all week"

All his mates sing the chorous: "hes a Working Man, or the Working People(whilst all making the WM sign with their hands to mock him)

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Wm - slang

Woman Marine in the military

There are a few WM's around here on this base.

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pc way of saying the white man

the WM was acting like I said something wrong.

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A school where all the idiots vape and the teachers are actually dumber than the kids and that is saying something. The teachers don't teach and half the kids are rich snobs👍🏻 Better than ridge tho tbh

1:Do you go to wms?

1:I'm so sorry

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stands for woe misery and shit (abreviation!!)

Fiona: "how's life?"
Emily: "WMS

Emily: "your face is WMS"
Fiona : 0_o

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