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What is What the heck?

A phrase used to describe anything that you are angry about but are unable to swear about in the situation

What the freaking heck are you doing?!!

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What the heck - what is it?

A phrase that came into existence presumably because of a typo in one of Billy Ray Cyrus' tweets.
Used frequently among fanbases and sass accounts on twitter.
Generally means "what the fuck?"
Must be said without punctuation.

Twitter User 1: Did you see Miley's AMAs performance with the cat?

Twitter User 2: No hold on let me look it up

Twitter User 2: what to heck

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What does "What the heck" mean?

Where you go to if you used frick,nards,crap, and gosh

Oh hecking heck I dropped my funnel cake that Justin made for me.

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What the heck - what does it mean?

A face painting game where you paint something on another persons face and they have 20 guesses to figure out what the heck is on their face, or they lose.

What the Heck is on my face? A tub of Vaseline.

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What the heck

its when ur mad at someone and are like, WTHB!!!

You: UGH, What the heck boi
Enemy: What the heck to you

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What the heck

when you see something moving

"There's something mooovin. What the heckk?" - Dylan Hemann

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What the heck

What little kids, Youtubers who don't want to get demonetized, and parents when they're around their kids (you know, the ones mentioned a couple of words ago) say instead of what the fuck.

Person 1: What the heck!
Person 3: Oh my god savage

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What the heck

An sissy way of saying 'what the hell'.

An overused alternative way of saying 'what the hell', made popular by Georgians who feel the need to act like a 'peach'.

The phrase you will hear when you catch a couple playing dirty (ie third basing it on a clearly visible outdoors bench). Also the same phrase you will have in your mind when you first see them performing the action, and the last words you will be thinking of before you throw up all over your new shirt.

"Dude what the heck, I heard you tell other people that I say 'what the heck' a lot." What the heck.

What the heck, they saw us do it!

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What the heck

a synonym for "what the hell"

robert: what the heck is up with chris today?
tom:he got mono....

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What the heck

when you're confused/when things don't do your way

"what the heck, what the heck, what the heck what the heck what the heck" -Jane Doe

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