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What is What ever?

the word thats used on the eastcoast that means pretty much the same thing as crunk does in the south and what hyphy means in the mid-west we say what ever wit it cuz u jus get so crazy and pumped u jus do what ever you feel

Random Guy: Yo Jon last night at the party i was getting what ever wit it out on da dance floor

Random Guy 2: For real thats whasup

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What ever - video

What ever - what is it?

just means what ever with a name that ryhmes with ever on the end.

" i love you "
" pffttt what ever trevor"
"my names Janet "

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What does "What ever" mean?

A phrase, origin of which is in Hebrew. It's equivalent to "what ever man" but man is translated to "gever" in hebrew. it's usually used when someone proposes to you something and you just don't care.

He: Hey man let's kick his ass outa here
Me: ahhh...Leave me in you mother

He: Hey man Call me up later, I have something important to tell you.
Me: What Ever Gever...

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What ever - what does it mean?

1. refusing to have anything to do with someone for obvious reasons such as ugliness,social standing etc.

eww look its the trumpet players what-ever!

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What ever - meaning

1.saying you refuse to talk to someone because they are fugly, and stupid.

get away geek i mean what-ever

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What ever - definition

what homosexuals or women say when they dont know what to say

(me)hey ricci get your thumb out of your ass you little bitch
(ricci)What eveeeerrrr

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What ever - slang

If your are being dised by some one and you have no come backs say what ever!

Pedro V:Ross your so freaking gay!
Ross B:Yeah WHAT EVER!

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What ever

The word you say over and over when you want to get on someones damn nerves.

Person: You are a fucking asshole!
You: Whatever
You: Whatever
Person: Stop you asshole! You're so annoying!

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What ever

It can be used to ways. You can use it if you don't now what to say or you can use it if you don't care.

Eric: You're a fuckin lesbian junkie crack whore!
Girl: What ever!

Friend: Can I borrow your CD player?
You: What ever...

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What ever

Whatever really means Fuck you.

Someone: I hate you
You: Whatever (Fuck you)

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