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What is Weedwhacking?

the act of forceful, rough intercourse; slang for f**k

I'd weedwhack him ;)

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Weedwhacking - what is it?

a sexual act in which your girlfriend(with braces) is giving you head, you must then take a strong rope and tie her feet to a high powered ceiling fan, upon which her braces will rip your pubes out.

last week i had my girlfriend give me the weedwhacker... i'm still bleeding and shes still picking pubs out of her braces today.

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What does "Weedwhacking" mean?

A girl'a pussy that is overgrown and in need of a good trimming.

Damn, I did this weedwhacker last night!

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Weedwhacking - what does it mean?

One who eats out a woman who doesn't shave her vaginal area.

Yo this weedwhacker was comin on to ma sista yesterday!

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Weedwhacking - meaning

Any import/domestic vehicle fitted with exhaust modifications designed to make it sound more powerful. The net result is generally a car that sounds rediculous, and has no more power than what the driver believes in his own mind.
Similar to ricer, weedwhacker stems directly from the sound made by the car.

I heard that weedwhacker coming down the street long before I saw it.

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Weedwhacking - definition

A cosmetician who removes pubic hair and/or trims and shapes it as requested by the client.

As she lounged on the beach, Laura realized, to her horror, that she had forgotten to see her weedwhacker, and had clumps of hair escaping from her bikini bottoms.

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Weedwhacking - slang

1: gardening tool used to cut grass in out-of-the-way areas
2: spinoff of "Cops" where policemen beat people up for smoking pot

1: Use the weedwhacker around the tree
2: The weedwhackers shall now confiscate your drugs

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Another term for male masturbation.

I walked in on you weedwhacking last night!

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The act of masturbating whilst blazing it. Also commonly known as 'disappointing your mother.'

Boyfriend: I've got to go do something, brb
Girlfriend: Ooh, what are you doing?
Boyfriend: Uhh... Weedwhacking.

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