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What is Weed Wacker?

When a manejaculates on the penis of his partner, then uses said ejaculate as a lubricant for manual stimulation.

Honey, after we win this match of Rocket League, will you give me a Slippery Weed Wacker?

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Weed Wacker - what is it?

The act of a women biting the hair out of a man's butthole and preceeding to give him a blowjob.

EX. " My girlfriend noticed I needed a trim so she gave me a Texas weed wacker. "

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What does "Weed Wacker" mean?

The act of shaving another persons pubic hairs while holding a razor in your mouth.

Dude she wouldent shave that shit so i totally had to give her The Weed Wacker

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Weed Wacker - what does it mean?

a weapon that "cuts down the weeds" normally a weapon with rapid fire
e.g Ak47 , semi automatic

dem bwoi wa fi par wid me?
me a draw for the bludclart weed wacker
me a chop dem up like a steak!

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Weed Wacker - meaning

One who chronically masturbates while high on marijuana.

Don is such a weed wacker! All he ever does is smoke weed and masturbate!

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Weed Wacker - definition

Its a guy or girl that smokes weed and gets high, the masturbates.

Yo dude.
I got so fucking stoned last night.
Oh Yeah?
Yeah yo. I got horny then i beat the meat.
Nice yo (:
Its called Weed Wacking in other words imma Weed Wacker!

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Weed Wacker - slang

Someone who jacks off while really high in order to make their orgasm super awesome.

"Hey, where did Jerry go after we smoked that blunt?"
"Oh, he's in the bathroom. He's a Weed Wacker."

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Weed Wacker

The hairy man version of a helicopter. When a man swing his dick around in a circle through his massive bush, and makes weed wacker noises.

Did you see how drunk Scott was last night? He gave everyone a weed wacker demonstration, for free!

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Weed Wacker

Weed Wacker: when a male's erected penis continuously slaps a woman on her knees across the face during sex.

The male with his erected penis will rotate his hips to the left and right at a constant motion slapping the woman across the face.

Man: Oh baby, ready for the weed wacker?!
The Girlfriend: Yay! I've been waiting a long time for this!

Bill: Ow... My penis hurts from the weed wacker...
Jim: What did you do?
Bill: Don't worry about it.

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Weed Wacker

Someone who smokes marijuana and masturbates, often at the same time.

Scott: Today i met this guy in rehab. He told me about that he's addicted to pot and jacking off.

Eli: Oh, so he's a Weed Wacker?

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