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What is We know?

The 1st Full-Length Album from Paramore
Featuring the songs Emergency, and Pressure.
The Band says they were rushed while making the album.
Released in 2005 and never got on the charts.

Dude All We Know Is Falling is So much better than Riot!

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We know - video

We know - what is it?

And i feel fine

It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnneeeeeee”

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What does "We know" mean?

The most AMAZING SONG for now

Person 1: Have you heard the song 'Somewhere Only We Know" yet?

Person 2: "Yeah, who hasn't?? It's freaking amazing."

Person 1: "Sorry, bro, BACK OFF."

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We know - what does it mean?

Commonly shouted out during those exams that nobody could ever give a fuck about.
Or mentioned in a large group of people, after Captain Obvious makes his most recent discovery.

Almost always followed up by a relating laugh, or the follow-on of the self-owned hilarity of the group, with

.... And knowing is half the battle.
G. I. Joooooeeee.

*Sat in silence, the year 12s continue sitting in boredom after finishing the 2 hour General Studies exam in 3 and a half minutes, with flying colours and full marks.... Except James, because he doesn't have a brain stem....*

Invidulator: Right, Year 12. You have about.... 4 minutes left (of this pointless exam..)

Chad: And now we know!

John: And knowing is half the battle.

Chorus of year 12s: G. I. Joooooeeee!

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We know - meaning

famous friends meme

they dont know that we know that they know that we know means that monica and chandler are at it again......

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We know - definition

A teen drama unlike most other shows on television right now.
Compared to My So Called Life.

It's about 3 teenage guys who live in the suburbs in Seattle and basically how they think about sex every second and deal with their lives.

Disregard that Kelly Osbourne is in this show she's not as bad as you'd think.

Jonathan and Dino are totally f*ckable. =)

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We know - slang

phrase used to get access to places that normal people usually dont have access too

The man got into the club by saying "we know mason" to the bouncer

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We know

A phrase used to get into anywhere or anything you want.

"We know Mason" to receptionist and get in without trouble while cutting the line.

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We know

A sarcastic term in reply to when someone says something thats non-believeable.

Greg: Yo, I got the skins from that thick honey from up the block.

Steve: We know.

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We know

A curt phrase used right as someone says "that's what she said."

Jenny (using a screwdriver): I need a better grip on the head.
Mark: That's wha...
Shane: We know.

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