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What is Watermelon Sugar?

This is from the original title of Richard Brautigan’s postmodern novel written in 1964 titledIn Watermelon Sugar.”

In watermelon sugar the deeds were done and done again as my life is done in watermelon sugar.”

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Watermelon Sugar - what is it?

A British synonym for the drug Heroin.
Yes, Harry Styles said that.

"Watermelon sugar high, watermelon sugar high"

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What does "Watermelon Sugar" mean?

Term used for male precum while giving oral sex.

He just craves that Watermelon Sugar.

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Watermelon Sugar - what does it mean?

A summer-vibe song dropped by Harry Styles on fall season.

Them: How you doin'?

Me: Great. Stream Watermelon Sugar, peace out.

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Watermelon Sugar - meaning

A pop song by Harry Styles played on the radio too many times.

Brad: “Have you heard Watermelon Sugar?”

Tony: “Yeah I heard it for the fourth fucking time within the span of an hour on the radio.”

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Watermelon Sugar - definition

A Book written in the 1960’s representing watermelons changing colors in the sun. ex. (rainbow watermelon)

have you read watermelon sugar?

no but I like watermelon

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Watermelon Sugar - slang

A Harry Styles song that likely has an alternative meaning about eating pussy, but Louis Tomlinson exists so, eating busy.

Hey did you hear about the meaning of Watermelon Sugar?

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Watermelon Sugar

Phrase coined by Richard Brautigan in 1968. It was a part of the title of his book “In Watermelon Sugar” and used as a motif throughout the book.

In watermelon sugar the seeds were done and done again as my life is done in watermelon Sugar — Richard Brautigan, 1968

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Watermelon Sugar

Its 2021 and why the actual fuck is this word still on trending?

Joe: Ayo have you heard of Watermelon Sugar?
Rick: Yeah why tf its still on trending?
Joe: Idk but do you know who am I?
Rick: Joe who?

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Watermelon Sugar

A. Slang for 1990s Georgia heroin that was known for being sweet and rubbed on the gums or tongue

B. A song by Harry styles

A. Man I wish that potent Watermelon Sugar was still going around today.

B. I love that new song by Harry called Watermelon Sugar.

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