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What is WOAH?

A dance Trend that died bc of white people! RIP β€œWOAH β€œ 2019-2019

White girls: he y’all lets do the woah

All the white girls: *spins hand in a stupid circle* WOAHHHH

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WOAH - what is it?

a stupid dance all middle and high schoolers do because they think they’re cool.

β€œDid you see Jimmy hit the woah?”

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Video meme

What does "WOAH" mean?

incorrect spelling of whoa

a: woah.
b: you got the letters mixed up.
c: yeah, forget sounding shit out.

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WOAH - what does it mean?

A hand motion usually used on Tik-Tok (a popular app), and usually in Dubsmash Videos.

Janine is BAD at the woah

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WOAH - meaning

A new dance move.

Hit the woah!

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WOAH - definition

A crash bandicoot meme

"woah... woah, woah, *WOAH WOAH WOAH!!"

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WOAH - slang

The Woah is a contagious disease that is caused by the over use of the app TikTok. If you or a loved one is suffering The Woah please see an expert immediately. Woahing can lead to serious problems such as craving yee yee juice, and doing TikTok dances several times a day.

May: Did you know my sister has The Woah?
Alice: Omg is she OK?
May: No she keeps woahing whenever she enters a room, and she keeps dancing!

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A phrase used by the love our life Peter Kavinsky. Used to describe confusion or alarm.

woah woah woah....Zara what did Kyla say?

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a saying to express your excitement, originated from two Palm Desert High students class of '10 Colton and Don; yelled across the quad to attract others attention; used when sexy girls walk by yu to call them towards yu!; the middle woah's O is stressed more.

"Woah WOah Woah, big party big party!!!!!"
"Woah WOah Woah -colton
Woah WOah Woah -jordan (then meet in the middle of the quad)"
"Woah WOah Woah -don
"o dons calling us!!" -sexy girls"

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filled with excitment, or in shock.

"WOAHHHH! hey look its ena babic!"

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