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What is Viri?

A guy with a great heart and lotta love to give

Viri’s got a huge heart and lotta love to give to a girl that deserves it

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Viri - what is it?

Derogatory Tamil for " Spread your legs".

Girl: mmm what do you want me to do?
Guy : kaala viri di

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What does "Viri" mean?

The plural of virus, Viri may not be the correct way to pronounce the plural of virus but many non-words are used on the internet!

Crap I'm infected with viri

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Viri - what does it mean?

The Viri, Viri Grey Sause, or Virishot is a sexual technique reportedly made by Viri Selmani of Middle Village, Queens, NY. Its typically a teenage male-oriented move involved with self humiliation. The participants stand over the female counterpart in a doggstyle position with one hand over there eye (in a pirate fashion) while crying in self pity of how sad there life is, while the female counter part tells him that his penis is worthless. In turn many have said they had the some of the best orgams they've experienced. It originated in February, 2007 at a house party in Dover, NJ.

Although the terminology may differ slightly, the notability of the game is such that variations on the theme are referred to in popular culture, examples including Smooth McCoy's "In Grandpa's Closet", Richard Curtis and Ben Elton's Blackadder and Skinless's song "Scum Cookie".

Yo I did "The Viri" on that chick last night.

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Viri - meaning

Is a GODDESS,VERRYY beautiful, VERRY PRETTY, and has a very good taste in fashion, She has really good taste in things. Very Very Very Smart girl who never gives up she always accomplishes goals, she's very smart she's so sweet,kind, loveable, hilarious and loves everyone, she cares about her family and friends first and she always cheers people up, she's gone through a tough life but she Stays strong no matter what.She Has lots of friends, she is Soo Beautiful she is skinny And she is Cute and adorable, she always thinks on her own Feet, She's very helpful, Careful, responsible, and respectful, a girl name Viry Has greenish Gray hazel eyes and has long Beautiful thick Hair, she also stands up for her friends and family, she loves music, She is a Christian. She makes friends easily and people fall in love with her fast and very easily. if you ever get a Viry don't leave her she will make you very happy and will make you smile All the time!(:

Man #1: that viry girl is super Sweet and cute and Soo smart, and adorable Im already falling inlove!

Man#2: yeah go talk to her, you can do this!

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Viri - definition

NOT actually the plural of virus. It is latin for men. The plural of virus is viruses. Anyone who says otherwise is a flaming faggot.



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Viri - slang

the coolest chick in the world!

dude that chicks gotta be a viri

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also known as "Foxy"

The weirdest, coolest, and craziest girl that is fun to be around. She is extremely obssesed with Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Yep! She's fancy, sexy, pretty, awesome, flirty and the only person that I would trust my entire life. She always brings out the best in everyone and she is The most energetic person You could ever met.

If she wasn't a girl I could probably date her !!

She is way too awesome!!!!!!!

Well, she is a Viry :)

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Viri is a Hard working beautiful girl! Only Viri can make a frumpy Blue work uniform look like it came off a run way in Milan! A great person to have as a BFF, will be loyal to friends, SOs and also has amazing taste in music.

Viri is so cool! She will drive 2 busses into your acne infested friend who stole your bf! She's the best friend!

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