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What is Vannessa?

a girl who ruined her life by taking nude pictures od herself just to get more famous. people still stand behind her because they say everyone makes mistakes. haha, that was no mistake.

Vannessa Anne Hudgens is a slut.

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Vannessa - what is it?

you fell for it

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What does "Vannessa" mean?

secretly hidding a stripper mentality. Loves to be center of attention. Likes to play games, esp role playing games. Very sexual in nature and will try everthing...more than once....everything!!! always repeats a favorite word.

vannessa is crazy

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Vannessa - what does it mean?

A down to earth lady

Vannessa is awesome

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Vannessa - meaning

An intelligent person who puts other people before herself. She is gorgeous both inside and out. Although she may seem shy at first, once you gain her trust and break her out of her she’ll, she’s one of the funniest and most genuine people out there.

Vannessa is actually goals, I wish I was her.

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Vannessa - definition

Vannesa is the greatest friend a guy could ever ask for, she honest(most of the time), she is hilarious, she has my back nobody could ever replace a friend like her

Vannessa is the greatest friend Juliano could have ever asked for

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Vannessa - slang

The Girl is a Genius, you cant lose her. She does have a crazy hoe self sometimes. She is an Intresting friend and has a weird personality if you think about it. There are 2 types of Vannessa’s. There is the Cute, Eligant, And Nerd one. Or the devilish, Hoe one. EITHER one will stay by your side. Don’t lose her, repeat DONT lose her.

“Ayooo look it’s Vannessa! What a nerd that I’m falling for

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