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What is Type 2?

Despite all logic and reason you go after the hardest longest guy/girl on the market. even tho many other fine young specimen have made it clear they would be up for a bit of the old In out in out. Relates to marty mcfly complex original strain coz instead of doing the simple pride forces u to take the long road even its more hazardous.

"Doc what the fucks wrong with me, im on dis loooong chic, dnt even think she likes me."
"then why are u with her my good man. isnt that fine young lady, Ellie giving u the eye "
"yh but this chic'll be worth it someday"
"seems to me like you've got Marty McFly Complex Type 2"
"no shit sherlock"

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Type 2 - video

Type 2 - what is it?

Type 2) Type 2 Newburn's Syndrome or T2-NS is slightly more severe and more contagious than T1-NS. T2-NS is caused after you are diagnosed with T1-NS. You start off as an arrogant ass for awhile, then eventually it all goes to your head severely. You are above everybody that surrounds you and you pick and chose the people that you feel are your equal and you treat them as your equal, everybody else is nothing. You become stubborn, severely, and stay ahead of things, yet you fail to see the small minor details in some things, no matter how detailed you take a look at something. Because of these effects your arrogance gets even larger, you become more of an ass, and only your small group of friends will enjoy you. You will begin to burn bridges and dismantle several friendships because you treat people like dirt. T2-NS like i said is derived from T1-NS, but the difference is, unlike T1-NS, where you think your great and just are arrogant for no reason, T2-NS stems from doing something great only one time, and never being able to do it ever again, or coming close, but scrubbing out. T2-NS usually can not be cured, if the same event you pulled once, or something similar happens, it tends usually to get worse. People with T2-NS are extremely recognizable, so speak gently to them, they are prone to trash talk and arguements easily.

"Has anybody seen John lately, I have seen him since the Nationals Tournament after we won it."
"Oh you didn't hear, he scrubbed at a bunch of Shonen Jump's and is trying to up his status but hasn't done a thing, i heard got diagnosed with Newburn's Syndrome (Type 2)."

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What does "Type 2" mean?

Type 2 Fat Person Syndrome

A person who used to be fat and has lost weight, but retains the anger and bitterness of a fat person and still sees themselves as a fat person.

Gerald: "Whitney seems like she has so much going for her. Why is she always such a bitch?"

Erica: "Leave her alone. She has type 2 FPS".

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Type 2 - what does it mean?

The state in which one is so impeccably retarded that nobody wants to be around him/her.

Terry: dude have you SEEN Justin? He must have type 2 retardation because he can't do anything right.

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Type 2 - meaning

1. another version of diabetes
2. an insult

Tide Pods has type 2 diabetes.

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Type 2 - definition

type 2. identifiable by a small but tubby body, maybe a mustache, seems not to care about how he dresses. type 2 is usually outgoing and positive. brightens the world around him. laughs often. as a result of bullying most type 2's can ignore physical and emotional pain. except heartbrake, which will cause extreme depression. type 2 falls in love early and never falters. speaks comfortably with all girls, but speaks best with the one he loves. you can tell if a type 2 is in love with you by a quick smile, darting glances, eagerness to talk to you and/or constantly asking about you and your life. is often bullied due to his kindness and selflessness. will do anything for the girl he loves, even if its illegal. type 2 is often unsure how to handle love, if you think a type 2 is in love with you confront him, he will admit it. be careful not to break his heart. remember that he would do anything for you, and expects nothing in return. if you cannot love him back just tell him. he will understand, he will want your happiness, but he may not move on. if you decide to date a type 2 remember that he may not be very confident in himself. give him clear instructions. he will eventually learn and become a great boyfriend.

you will love your type 2 josh

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Type 2 - slang

Like the first type, Type 2 Asthma is a respiratory condition that makes breathing very difficult. Which can cause very heavy (Sexual) breathing. But what's also unique to this, is that it causes the person to have conditions very similar to Autism. As in the person is mentally stupid and doesn't have Common Sense. Side effects of Type 2 Asthma is that it causes the person to have orgasms or act very constipated.

"Guys I think this kid has Type 2 Asthma"

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Type 2

The name given to the feeling of enjoyment and nostalgia when reflecting on an event that was a negative experience at the time, but is humorous or fun to look back on.

"God, I hated hiking up that mountain at the time. But looking back, I guess it was a unique experience. That's Type 2 Fun for you!"

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Type 2

1. An activity that is fun only after you have stopped doing it.

ouch i hurt everywhere that was some type 2 fun

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Type 2

A Type 2 is 100 times smarter than a Type 1.

He is a “Type 2.”

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