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What is To take a shit?

Take a seat

take a \_, son

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To take a shit - what is it?

You got bored and googled "I'm taking a shit" and now you're here.

I got bored while taking a shit so I googled "I'm taking a shit"

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What does "To take a shit" mean?

When you accidentally say Shit in a public place then yell TAKE! As in the mushroom.

* Le guy sitting at restaurant*

*Knocks over Glass*

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To take a shit - what does it mean?

To have your name all over someone's phone, facebook wall, etc. Your presence is recognized.

Dude why did you just take a shit all over my facebook wall. My wall is covered with your wallposts.

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To take a shit

to completely and utterly dominate in competitive nature

"Did you see the Cowboys take a shit on the Eagles last night?"
"We hold all the objectives; we are taking a shit on Team Bravo!"

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To take a shit

Aside from the relatively obvious use of the phrase (to designate defecation), "take a shit" as a phrase can apply to mechanical devices. An apparatus which wears out or breaks down at a very inconvenient time can be said to "take a shit".

"I told Frank to fix those worn lifters on his car engine but he didn't listen to me. Then when he went on vacation he was crossing the rockies when it took a shit on him. It ruined his vacation."

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To take a shit

The act of defecating. Nothing to do with actual taking of feces.
Also, can be used to describe something that has almost become non-functioning or is poorly performing.
Not to be confused with giving a shit.

Joe is taking a shit.
The stock market is taking a shit today.
I got half way up that last hill and then my transmission started taking a shit.

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To take a shit

something you'd say to a hideously ugly person or somebody who has insulted you...great come back line creates luaghs to people who are near anywhere.

a ugly girl starts making fun of people and gets to one person and he says "you make me want to take a shit", whole bus laughs and she is humiliated.

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To take a shit

(n.) An expression used to describe a task which is nearly impossible to do while avoiding its by-products or consequences.

You want to go to a strip club without spending a lot of cash? Man, that's like trying to take a shit without pissing.

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To take a shit

To give birth to a pinoy.

I took a shit the other day and when I flushed it, it said "weeeeeeeeeeew ^________^". (To take a shit)

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