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What is Tis?

A brand created by Taz Arnold which is an acronym for the sentence: "Taz is so Arnold". The brand is featured by many artists such as Chris Brown, Tyga, Big Sean, Kanye West and more. It is mainly known for sewing its logo on top of a vintage item which can be re-sold for a price two or threefold the original. The most famous TI$A products are the TI$A Snapback hats which contain a TI$A logo and monster embroidery. The hats used by Taz Arnold are vintage remakes created by brands such as Starter, Adidas, Reebok, American Needle and etcetera. They also do the same for items such as designer sweaters, vintage jackets, shoes and many more. More recently, Taz Arnold has created their own line of TI$A clothing that features many parodies and logo designs. TI$A is notorious for it's out-of-the-world pricing, but still does very well in selling them; most notably due to followers of rap artists stated above.

Guy 1: Dude, I just copped a TI$A Charlotte Hornets Snapback hat for $110. Swag.

Guy 2: Isn't that a bit expensive? I got the same hat without the TI$A logo for $15 at a thrift store.

Guy 1: It's TI$A dude, get with the program.

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Tis - meme gif

Tis meme gif

Tis - video

Tis - what is it?

A Russian that is extremely high.

Look at that Ti Ti eat my oreos.

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What does "Tis" mean?

Tis is a short way for writing "It is"

Tis the best

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Tis - what does it mean?


Iā€™m mf tied

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Tis - meaning

The state of being tired to the point that one can no longer pronounce the word "tired".

I'm so ti-ti, let's go to bed.

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Tis - definition

(adj.) - Originally created by Raspo. It means that someone is very, very tired.

Raspo to ti ti, so Raspo sleepah.

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Tis - slang

a high pitched laugh. really annoying.

lil: ti-ti-ti

kim: if you laugh like that one more time in gunna slap you

lil: ti-ti-ti

hear shot being fired...

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Used as a replacement to "The".
Can be used with or without an apostrophe: 'Tis or Tis.

Originated possibly from Old English or Renaissance writers such as Shakespeare.

Jane: Tis a fine day we're having today, Jim.
Jim: 'Tis true, Jane.

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An amazingly hot guy thats got the sexiest body ever and the nicest Czechoslovakian skin in the world. If you find you one of these you better treat him like he's a king as soon as possible bc you will only have him for a short amount of time because Im coming to steal him back now. ;)

Tis hot boy sexy mine

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Tis - it's an abbreviation / slang of "it is" or "it's" often used by British people.

Tis a silly place

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