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What is Thursday?

the one day of the week where it's ok to be gay

your ass is mine on thursday

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Thursday - what is it?

1) the fifth day of the week
2) a pretty cool band
3) also known as Queer's day. In which, if you wear green and yellow on a Thursday, you will be called a homosexual

Person1: Dude, you're wearing green and yellow.
Person2: So?
Person1: It's Thursday, homo!
Person2: OMG I forgot that Thursday is Queer's Day!

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What does "Thursday" mean?

Fifth day of the week

Thursday is also best known as getting head...

Guy #1: I herd you was with Jessica at the movies yesterday, what happened bro?

Guy #2: Well lets just say I left a holocaust in her mouth

Guy #3: word is born...she gave you a Thursday?

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Thursday - what does it mean?

verb: to partake in anal sex
noun: anal sex

We just thursdayed, and now i can't even walk.

Mayne, i gotta get me some thursday soon.

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the greatest fucking day ever made. usually dedicated to lots of hot sex. including morning sex. you will be very sore and friday and will typically have a limp. but it's worth it.

guy: "hey babe, lets go Thursday ;)"
girl: "oh fuck yeah, come and get it"

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The best day of the week to have sex. I'm not kidding. It adds a whole 'nother level to it.

Person 1: Whatcha doin' Thursday?
Person 2: Linda's coming over.
Person 1: Holy shit. *falls down dead in amazement*

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The day that Arthur Dent never could get the hang of.

Also the day Earth was blown up by Vogons.

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The day of the week where nothing counts!
If something happens only once, and it was a Thursday, then it is as if it never happened at all.
Hands down, the best day of the week.

Andrew: You think you can just have sex with another man and get away with it?
Cliff: But, it only happened once! And it was Thursday!
Andrew: Oh... Well then I guess it doesn't count, and you're not gay.

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Friday for most college students.

"Let's go to the bar, it's Thursday. Fuck Friday classes."

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Generally a pretty solid day. By the time Thursday rolls around, you are more than half-way done with the standard 5 day work/school week. Thursday's have a way of comforting many before exciting weekends.

I like Thursdays, something about em.

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