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What is The zone?

a group of evil people. they pretend they like you, but they really don't. beware...

oh no! it's the zone! noooooooo, they're coming to backstab me!! *falls on floor dead*

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The zone - what is it?

"The Zone" is a state a gamer gets in to when playing the most uber awesome game ever e.g. Half Life 2,Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty 4, Super Rubber Dub. Symptoms of someone who is in "The Zone" include: wide eyes, open mouth, drool, fast button movements, incoherent shouting of the words "n00b", "p0wned" and "TOAST". There are different "Zones" for different games e.g. whilst playing Time Crisis, the "Zone" is created by switching the couch round and ducking behind it, whilst playing Metal Gear Solid, a bandana is tied round the head, and when playing Virtua Tennis, the console is switched off. Once in the "Zone" any break in the player's concentration can cause them to shut down, similar to a sleepwalker.

Man: What's wrong with Louie, he hasn't blinked once while playing Bioshock?
Friend: Dude, can't you see? He's in "The Zone"!
Louie: Awh yeh, achievement unlocked!

Louie: Ok, see you guys, I'm gonna get some salt and vinegar crisps, some toast and some cordial! Then I'm going in "The Zone!"

Simon: I have reloaded, can't you see I'm in "The Zone"!

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What does "The zone" mean?

The zone is a state of mind.
It is when you totally exit reality and enter into your brain. many people who do sports or hike for long distances have been in the zone.

when in the zone you can do two things. you can either be thinking deeply about past events, future events, or fantasies, or you can just not think at all. you might even be talking to someone while in the zone and then when out of the zone not remeber talking to them.

people who play videogames think that they have been in "the zone". they are wrong. that is just an adrenaline rush. when in the zone you dont have faster reactions like on an adrenaline rush, you just dont feel anything
drinking a lot of alchohol or smoking a lot of weed can get you in something similar to the zone.

hiker 1- God damnit, we still have 10 miles left
hiker 2- Yes.
hiker 1- this is going to suck
10 miles later
hiker 2- finally we're here!
hiker 1- what the fuck just happened

Example 2-
Stoner- word dude, what the fuck just happened for the past 4 hours?
drunk- the last thing i remember was stepping outside, now im laying face down in a field.
Stoner- word, you were in the zone
drunk- werent you too?
stoner- no i was just really baked

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The zone - what does it mean?

When drinking excessively, the Zone is usually reached when the human memory stops functioning as it should and the reflexes turn to sludge - Inane grinning will ensue and the reacher of the Zone will look very content with life and may require some assisstance in reaching the next pub!!

Try it for yourself:

Drink as much as you can!! If you remember going to the pub toilet and waking up in bed, then the Zone has been achieved!! Well done - you can now nurse your hangover until tonight when you will do it all again!!

If you remember eating the kebab, you've just wasted an evening testing this theory! Loser - Go out and do it all again until you achieve the goal!!

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The zone

When you drink alcohol to the point in which you're in a state of intense relaxation and energy. In other words, you feel like your THE MAN!

I just drank 8 beers and im in the zone right now man!

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The zone

The state of Arizona.
Referring to Arizona.

New Mexico wanksta: "Yo, how zit goin my homie dogga gangsta g? How ya likin Albuquerque?

Arizona gangsta: "Dam shut the fuck up! Why you talk like that? I'm going back to The Zone...this place not even gangsta."

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The zone

The State of Arizona

N.Y. Nigga:Where you from Duke???

A.Z. Nigga:I'm Reppin The Zone Homez.

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The zone

The place you go when you are high on weed

Welcome to The Zone
Population: You
Elevation: ????? ft
Founded: Now

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The zone

The Zone is an ethereal state of mind that propels you from mortal man to super human, to godlike status. Performance, whether physical or technically challenging, is elevated effortlessly beyond your normal level. You feel no pain within your body and your reactions and balance become unhumanly fast. Things that were difficult previously become effortlessly easy. Failure does not even enter your mind and does not even seem possible. You soar with the angels and ride, tall and proud beside the god Helios, upon a golden winged chariot. You have become a god among mortal men.
Unfortunately the Zone is an ephemeral place and in the way that you unknowingly entered the Zone (you just arrive, you don’t know quite how), you are unceremoniously booted out of it. This usually involves collecting all the pain that you missed out on when in the Zone and dishing it out in one big serving. Once you have left the Zone it is commonplace to try and fight your back into it, but this never works and, in fact, generally speaking the zone gets further away the harder you try to get to it.

Act 1: “In the Zone”
Dude 1: Yo dude, you were totally fucking sick out there. You are in the fucking zone, man. Give me some skin.
{Translation: Greetings, good fellow. Your yonder performance was thoroughly splendid. You are indeed performing better than the norm. Let me congratulate you by shaking your hand}
Dude 2: Good man, I soar with the angels and ride, tall and proud beside the god Helios, upon a golden winged chariot. I speak not to mortal man.
{Translation: Fuck off, loser}
Dude 1: You are such a fucking dick, fuck off
{Translation: You are such a fucking dick, fuck off}

Act 2: “Exit form Zone”
Dude 2: Fuck man, I think I have bust my back, I can’t move my fucking legs. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Dude 1: Fuck you, asshole, where’s your fucking mate Helios now? Ha ha ha.
Dude 2: Get me a fucking medic, man!
Medic: Son, an air ambulance is on its way. I’m just going to give you some oxygen and a shot of morphine. Hang in there, son…

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The zone

a state of mind which can be reaced with little difficulty. WHen you reach the zone your mind is at 100% focus on what you are doing and you have a massive increase in performance. Common place for reaching the zone are during sports and playing video games.

I reached the zone while playing toca and I shaved 3 seconds off my lap time. Then later, I was playing CS and reached the zone. My kills per round increased to about 5.

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