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What is The system?

when a group of associates are chatting about a fellow worker thats not hip to whats going on.

bill is so out of it, he's really not in the system

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The system - what is it?

you are system if you are raw at basketball. and a replacement for swag.

Gavin, you are not system, you are trash.

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What does "The system" mean?

Can mean a lot of things. Notably:

Computer system: A somewhat more technical term for describing a rig, usually including a processor, hard disk, monitor, RAM, cards, etc.

A weather system: An area that has an airmass of notably high or low air pressure; can be affected by thermodynamic interactions with the atmosphere, bodies of water, etc.

System: In general, anything that unifies more than one thing or organizes them. Eg: healthcare system, etc.

System (of a Down): System is often used as an abbreviation for the name of this kick-ass band because you want to save time for discussing how awesome they are.

Some guy:
Hey Jim, I just made a new system for getting my homework done so I can check all the high-pressure systems on my expensive new system, while listening to System!

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The system - what does it mean?

a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network; a complex whole.
"the state railway system"
synonyms: structure, organization, order, arrangement, complex, apparatus, network


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The system - meaning

what needs to be brought down. down with the system, down with society. the fall of the human race is inevitable... let's do it in the most fun way possible. no laws except your own. someone wrongs you, you punish them, in whatever means you feel are right. no age limits on all the shit everyone wnats to do. all of modern technology, without the order, dullness and inequality in society. did you dream of growing up to be a 9-5 worker, living a mediocre life? fuck the system; everyone should get what they deserve, be it good or bad.

what to we need?


who against?

the world.

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The system - definition

Social services

She grew up in the system.

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The system - slang

High powered, premium stereo system in a car, truck or van, capable of large amounts of bass and treble.

With that system I can hear you a block away.

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The system

The government, the police, or any other unconquerable authority figure.

Kobe aint guilty, he's just a victim of the system.

It's the system...they be out to get us black people.

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The system

something you shouldn't trust

Andy: The moral of this story is...YOU CAN'T TRUST THE SYSTEM,MAN!

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The system

the government,police and all authority and their laws and structure

The System fuckin sux!

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