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What is The hey?

A friendly greeting and alternative to Hello/Hi

Hey there! How's it going?

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The hey - what is it?

The most terrible STD ever. You'll wish you were dead. Suicide only works 26% of the time to cure this affliction.

Person 1: Dude you have the Hey!
Person 2: Please kill me...out of mercy

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What does "The hey" mean?

The protagonist of the Anime series Darker Than Black. He wears a bullet resistant overcoat and a white joker mask, using metal wires to latch on to and electrocute people with. Commonly referred to as the "Chinese Electric Batman".

"Dam nigga, did you see that? It's Batman!"
"Nigga, that ain't batman, that's just Hei, the Black Reaper, yo".

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The hey - what does it mean?

a word to get a hot girl/guy's attention while driving or walking down the street. Basically anywhere.

What you call a hot girl or guy

She is definatley a hey hey hey.

I gave out at least 10 hey hey heys tonight

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The hey - meaning

A term that orginated from the television show 'What's happening?'. Now usually used as a greeting amonst the female and homosexual 'African American' peoples.

Hey, hey, hey!...Oh, girl what be happenin'?

...That's what's happenin', 'Hey, hey, hey!'

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The hey - definition

a form greeting, often used by crazy, rather strange looking teenagers in the London area.

tom: hello
sophie: hey hey!

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The hey - slang

-The name of a song by the legendary indie band, "Dispatch", written by band member, Pete Francis Heimbold. It was on their first album, "Silent Steeples" in 1996.
-The song is primarily about a guy that lusts for a girl that he sees everyday, but is too shy to talk to her. He then realizes, though, that it's not worth his time to yearn for the girl just because she's pretty, and he should look for someone who cares about him for who he is.
-Beautiful, beautiful song!

Hey, Hey, what's up!

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The hey

1. Fat Albert's saying

2. The coolest dude in Little Nicky

3. An annoying comment to get someone to listen to you

1. "hey hey hey"
2. "hey hey hey"
3. "hey hey hey"

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The hey

Interjection used to warn somebody not to do something that's either stupid, inappropriate, insane, or illegal.

Hey-hey-hey! Not the self-destruction button!
Hey-hey-hey! That's my vagina!
Hey-hey-hey! You can't put your baby in the drier!
Hey-hey-hey! That's taxpayer bailout money, not your bonus!

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The hey

Fat Albert's favorite thing to say.

Fat Albert: Hey Hey Hey!!! I'm gettin' a boat!

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