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What is The Peek-A-Boo?

When you are about to take a shit, it makes air contact and is just about to drop out, but then it gets scared and goes back into the hole.

Dude, after eating 4 bowls of porridge, I think I might be able to finally get rid of this peek-a-boo that has been trying to come out of me for days.

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The Peek-A-Boo - video

The Peek-A-Boo - what is it?

A man bends a woman over and does her from behind, then pulls out and spits on her back, making her think that he has discharged his load. As the woman turns around to congratulate her male, he skeets his man juice onto her face

"i thought he had finished, but the bastard tricked me and gave me a peek-a-boo as soon as i turned around"

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What does "The Peek-A-Boo" mean?

A tiny vagina on a woman that has no visible lips. It appears to be a just a small slit and is often difficult to see. Hence the term "peek a boo where are you?"

Mary had the smallest peek a boo I've ever seen. It was so small I had to feel for it because it was difficult to see with the naked eye.

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The Peek-A-Boo - what does it mean?

When the penis slips out of the middle hole in a pair of underwear boxers, either on purpose or accident; most likely when erect or after masturbation

1. When I got tissue after I drained my sack, I put my boxers on and my penis pulled a peek-a-boo.

2. I pulled my boxers on after I took a shit and my penis decided to play peek-a-boo.

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The Peek-A-Boo - meaning

After a long night of drinking a girl and guy go home together and when trying to penetrate he gets whiskey dick and poop, the floppy dick pops out and the woman is most likely upset.

“Girl:Why did you stop”
“Guy: peek-a-boo”

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The Peek-A-Boo - definition

When a guy gets a boner

1.) He got a peek a boo when he saw her in her shorts.

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The Peek-A-Boo - slang

An uncircumcised man. An un-erect penis thats hidden in its foreskin.

Girl he got a peek-a-boo!

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The Peek-A-Boo

when u need to take a crap and it goes out and in of ur a-hole

pull the car over my shit's playin peek a boo with me again

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The Peek-A-Boo

When just the tip of your man's petite junk happens to make a brief appearance out of the bottom of his inappropriately short shorts. See the pinky. Antonym: the brain.

Is that guy winking at me? No, but he's totally giving you the peek-a-boo.

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The Peek-A-Boo

While having doggy-style sex in a dark room, you switch with a friend without her knowing and then exit room and wave to her from her window

Peek-a-Boo i see you

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