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What is The Black Knight?

An individual embracing trolling and ad hominem attacks on a messageboard, focused upon a single hapless poster. This is regardless of the topic of conversation and how correct the poster is. The natural converse to white knighting

Poster A: Hi im new!

Black Knight: GO



Poster A: You guys are wrong, you really need to use the quadratic equation to find the roots.
Poster B: Yeah, i guess so.

Black Knight: GO



Poster B: Hi im new!
Poster A: Me too!
Poster B: Hey what's up :)
Poster A: Not much, I'm gonna buy a TV!
Poster B: strong black knighting

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The Black Knight - video

The Black Knight - what is it?

Usually a young male, although shows acts of chivilary and kindness, usually has little regard for rules and regulation, and adopts a roguish attitude to his ventures. Often the antagonist of a White Knight.

"That guy just rescued 30 people from a bank siege! After he beat up the criminals, he found out the bank manager was the one who organised the holdup, so he kicked his ass and stole his wallet and car! That guy was such a Black Knight"

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What does "The Black Knight" mean?

True Justice for all embodiment of courage in all our time of need the only ones strong enough to fight off against the white knights even with there low number all Black knights stand strong in the face of the White knights overwhelming number in order to save the world and keep equality.


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The Black Knight - what does it mean?

A funny character in the movie Monty Python and the holy grail. Looks like he dosen't feel any pain...

Black Knight: Tis but a scratch

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The Black Knight - meaning

In Korean 흑기사 ("Black Knight"), this word would mean someone (generally a guy) who volunteers to take a drink for another person (generally a girl). For a man it’s 흑기사 (heuk-gi-sa, β€œdark knight”) or 흑μž₯λ―Έ (heuk-jang-mi, β€œblack rose”) for women. One can ask someone to be their black knight/rose, or someone can offer to do it, but once you’ve done it, you’re theirs for the rest of the night. If you ask someone and they refuse, then you have to take two drinks.

While playing a drinking game, a girl has had too much to drink but has to take a shot. She can then call out for a Black Knight or Dark Knight and a generous guy may take the drink for her.

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The Black Knight - definition

In contrast to a White Knight, a Black Knight is any one person who- rather than frantically defending women who are being badgered by men on the internet- is always attacking women who are badgering men.

MarcoMarcoXD: who likes the new mario game
MinerChick96: ur a fucking loser dude lol
MarcoMarcoXD: :(
xXBlackKnightXx: Listen here, fucker. Marco didn't do shit to deserve that kind of talk, stop weaseling your way into other people's business and fuck off. Nobody gives a shit about what you have to say and he certainly doesn't fucking need to hear it either, so crawl back to where you came from and stay there, cunt.
MinerChick96 has logged off.
MarcoMarcoXD: thx blackknight
Admin has kicked user xXBlackKnightXx for reason: "stop your black knight bullshit, kid."

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The Black Knight - slang

While images abound of evil black knights rampaging the countryside, these tales are far from the truth. A black knight is a knight not sponsored or employed by a local lord for the defense of his lands. Therefore, the black knight does not have at his disposal the resources needed to keep his armor polished and in good repair. To save face, these knights painted their armor black, to hide any wear and tear that the armor may have endured.

The black knight knelt before the Duke, hoping to end his long bout of unemployment.

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The Black Knight

An anti-feminist. A White KnightΒ΄s natural enemy who on the contrary will defend any woman just because she is a woman regardless if she is right or wrong.

Black Knight: That bitch kicked the poor boy with no reason! IΒ΄m going to kick her now.
White Knight: No sir, I wonΒ΄t let you...
Black Knight: Fuck you, I will kick you too!

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The Black Knight

When a guy rides a bike over to a girl's house, fucks her in the ass, and then rides his bike immediately home. (Inspired by Drama from the episode of Entourage when he says he fucked a chick in the ass and then made her ride her bike home.)

Person A: Dude, you'll never believe what I did last night.

Person B: What?

Person A: I Black Knighted Sara!

Person B: Wow, that's awesome! I've never successfully pulled off The Black Knight.

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The Black Knight

A character from the comedic film, "Monty Python and The Holy Grail." In the movie, this comedy relief in what was already an obvious comedy spars with King Arthur of Britain and somehow ends up missing all his limbs, yet still alive (and proceeds to taunt King Arthur) This character is widely parodied and in fact, has merchandise that can be found in video stores worldwide commemorating his madness.

The Black Knight: Come back here, you yellow bastard! I'll bite your legs off!

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