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What is Tetris?

where spare time goes to die

" i should have done my math homework but i played tetris instead"

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Tetris meme gif

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Tetris - what is it?

Intricate and careful packing of stuff in a space when normally it would not fit.
(in other words) What you have to do to put 20lbs of shit in a 10lb bag.

loser: Dude, we need a bigger bag to put this shit in.
Pwnzor: Whatever dude, we just need to tetris it. (fits all 20 lbs in)

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What does "Tetris" mean?

Why do people like this game, I'll never know. It's one of the worse video games ever. It's so boring and slow. And yes, I am good at it, but that doesn't mean I like it.

I hate how people think other puzzle games are Tetris rip-offs. Wario's Woods, Kirby's Star Stacker, and Panel de Pon are NOTHING like Tetris. Fuck Tetris.

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Tetris - what does it mean?

2C-T-7 is known as Tetris which Alexander Shulgin the creator cites as one of his top five phentethylamines along with along with 2C-T-2(Toons), 2C-B(Butterfly),2C-E(Europa), and mescaline.

Dude I overdosed my girlfriend on tetris on Valentines Day, I gave her a fat bump of it and it burned the hell out of her nose and then she proceeded to vomit all over the plants outside while the neighbors looked at us, I had to drive her back home while I was tetrised out too(do not attempt this)

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Tetris - meaning

Moments of extreme difficulty.

Something very annoying.

"This road is so icy it's Tetris"

"That person is pure Tetris"

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Tetris - definition

A deep story about the fall of the Soviet regime.

Have you children ever heard the story of Tetris?

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Tetris - slang

Fantastic game that has taken a lot of my hours away. It's very easy and simple to play, but provides a strong challenge for the hardcore gamer.

A black hole used to dispose of time and sanity.

Tetris is really awesome.

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Another way of saying sex but to be more discrete

Hey mom me and Jenny are going upstairs to play Tetris

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To squeeze or pack many objects of different shapes and sizes into a small area for transportation.

"Barely managed to tetris all of our gear into a Hungarian taxi" - The Glitch Mob

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To fit thing in any confined space, no matter how pact it is.

I have to find a way tetris these boxes into the garage.

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