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What is TJ?

tiny junk: a super small penis.

That Kid Tj has "Tiny Junk"

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TJ - what is it?

TJ often relates to a dirty jew

TJ is tj man god thats bad

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What does "TJ" mean?

Tiny Junk i.e. small penis

That kid brett has tiny junk

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TJ - what does it mean?

Owner & admin of, probably one of the coolest guys you'll ever meet.

Random 1: Yo, have you met TJ yet, he's fking awesome.
Random 2: Nah man, I just registered today!

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TJ - meaning

To Steal, To Take (especially from one's dorm room)

WTF, who TJed my wallet?

Boy A: Yo, I left my door open for five minutes and my money was TJed.
Boy B: Well... If you had a hundred bucks on your desk, I would TJ it too.

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TJ - definition

see t.j.

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TJ - slang

Short for Tijuana, Mexico.

I'm goin' to TJ so we Mexican gangsters can pump up the bass on our shitty cadillacs.

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A man of value. One who loves graciously and respects with all his heart.

If you've got a TJ in your life, don't let him go.

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No words needed, an absolute sexy beast.

That man was a real "tj."

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TJ is a bad ass person. TJ does NOT mean small junk, Tijuana nor thief. TJ is probably the coolest down-to-earth person you will ever have the privilege to befriend! Always making people laugh and down for a good time. With his great personality, charm and skills, TJ pulls the hottest girls around.
Not only is TJ notorious for the best woman in town, TJ also has the best dank bud and more friends than anyone could ask for!

1 "Look at that guy....he has 4 chicks all over him"

-"yeah it's probably TJ"

2 "I can smell some strong ass weed somewhere"

-"it's TJ".

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