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What is Swans?

A devilishly handsome cowboy. A Swan, is a hardworking, wise man. This Utah cutie embraces life and is dreadfully svelte.

The women in the single parents group want to see SWAN naked.
OMG, that guy is so dreamy, he is such a SWAN.
Swan is on the naughty side.

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Swans - what is it?

The main character from the 1979 cult classic, the warriors. He is the strong silent one of the group.

Swan kicked Luthers ass!

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What does "Swans" mean?

1. (noun) A large bird that is similar to but much larger than a goose. The most recognized type of swan is the Mute Swan, which is all white except for its black face, orange bill and black legs and feet. It is native to parts of Europe and has been artificially introduced to North America as somewhat of a "decorative bird." If geese mess with it, it will chase them away. If you mess with it, it will chase you away. If you see a swan nesting, run because her mate will get pissed and will start coming at you. Doesn't sound very intimidating, but when you're staring into the eyes of an oncoming angry swan, you'll understand.

2. (noun) Slang term for a female who was once unattractive but somehow became very attractive (referencing the "Ugly Duckling" story).

1. The swan swam gracefully across the pond.
Crap, that swan's not backing off, it's still coming at me...Screw this, I don't want to get beaten up by a bird!

2. Wow, remember when that girl was really ugly? She's such a swan.

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Swans - what does it mean?

To be attacked, injured, or otherwise fucked up by a deceptively docile-looking yet very aggressive animal.

My ex wife swanned my bank account.

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Named after the ultimate Swanner, Ryan Swan from Nova Scotia. When you're swindled out of anything. Especially from a freeloader. You got Swanned.

Dude I let this guy stay at my house & he stole my protein shakes. I got so Swanned

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The act of masturbating among your peers without them noticing.

Climax is signalled with a sharp honking sound.

Youths up and down the country have begun 'swanning' as a way to earn social status among their friends.

'Oh god, I just caught matthew swanning again.'

'Honk! Honk! Honk!'
'Doesn't count mate, we saw you whack it out.'

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In poker, a pair of 2's

I was bummed when I got dealt swans in that game of Hold 'Em last night. But then I flopped three of a kind and took the pot!

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An acronym for Strong Women Achievers, No Spouse.

A phenomenon seen in society where many smart successful high earning career women find it difficult to find an honest partner, because most smart successful men prefer dumb pretty girls who will give them a great time in bed. These men are intimidated by SWANS, who in turn find it difficult to marry less successful men (just like all females) and would rather remain single then get used, or God forbid, mistreated by a loser.

They also have the tendency to get the unwanted attention of potential boytoys if they are found in their work environment (usually as copyboys), who are young broke but good-looking men who were jocks in high school and are now adult male golddiggers. However, unlike big male CEOs, who would happily have a trophy wife, these women are (almost always) uncomfortable with marrying down.

Its not a common term but it has been used in several social science books like "Single by Chance, Mothers by Choice: How Women Are Choosing Parenthood Without Marriage and Creating the New American Family" by Rosanna Hertz

With the move towards gender equality and more women getting educated, starting a career life, climbing up the business ladder, and delaying marriage and starting a family, there are more SWANS now than ever, and will keep increasing unless men drop some old-fashioned attitudes about age, fertility and exterior beauty.

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slang term for arms or biceps and triceps. other knows as guns
often used in chat up lines such as:
"is there a vet anywhere? Coz these swans need tending to" *tenses arms*

"check out the swans on that hunk"

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One of the most important bands of the last 30 years. Swans started out in the early 80's as a post punk/no wave band that created crushingly heavy albums such as "Filth", "Cop", and "Holy Money." Albums that make Black/Death Metal bands with makeup that try to act scary seem like complete and utter pussies.

1987's "Children of God" was a big leap forward, one which bridged the gap between the brutal heaviness and the more experimental side of Swans (which became prominent in their later career in the 90's). It also featured more frequent contribution from their 2nd vocalist Jarboe.

In 1996 they released their magnum opus "Soundtracks for the Blind". A mammoth double album that inspired countless late 90's and 00's post rock bands. Most notably the hipster adored Godspeed You Black Emperor! Who have made a career out of milking and watering down the sound created by Swans. They do it well all things considered, but if you want the real thing kids... pick up Soundtracks for the Blind.

Swans broke up in 1997 but Michael Gira (going back on his word) has since reformed the band in 2010, and with a slew of additional musicians released the spectacular comeback album "My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky" to well deserved critical acclaim.

"The first Swans record I owned was Slave EP, and it absolutely blew me away... it was a sound that I always wanted to hear, just the bleakest and blackest. The minimalist approach of the music, that was what really influenced me. It was non-genre-specific, with a total lack of baggage... purely abstract, surreal, and violent. It communicated to me in a very special way, and taught me that heavy metal could be stripped of everything and reduced to its most primal form."

- Justin Broadrick (Napalm Death/Godflesh/Jesu)

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