Definder - what does the word mean?

What is Swanner?

The man with the plan and the largest penis in the world

Man Russell Swanner's plan is awsome.

OMG!!!! Russell Swanner has the biggest cock i have ever seen!!!

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Swanner - what is it?

To be screwed over by an otherwise competent individual. It looks like it's inadvertent but it always happens.

The party booked 3 months ago but no one knew because it wasn't communicated to anyone else. You were swannered.

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What does "Swanner" mean?

Swanner: An obnoxious person that casually strolls into restaurants, shops and aeroplanes, regardless of the cost.

He's a swanner! He just returned from Barbados and he's already booking new first class tickets.

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Swanner - what does it mean?

a 18 inch dick

last night i had sex with a guy that had a swanner

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