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What is Starcraft?

A real-time strategy game made in the late 90's by Blizzard.

Held in a god-like status for it's "unique" races (All of which were ripped off from Warhammer 40000, which came out in the 1980s!.) and balanced gameplay.

Famous/notorious for being the national sport in S. Korea.

Also considered to be the best PC (or overall) game of all time even though games like Deus Ex, System Shock, Company of Heroes, and X-com are far more superior.

Terran rips off of the Imperium of Men (Basically people with the cannon fodder characteristic of a Imperial Guard clad in power armors of the Adeptus Astartes. Siege Tank = the retarded and inefficient offspring of a Basilisk and Leman Russ)
Zerg ripped off the Tyranid (duh?)
Protoss ripped off the Eldar (but can actually fight and are not a bunch of pussies.)

In another word: all 3 races in Starcraft are just ripoffs.

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Starcraft - meme gif

Starcraft meme gif

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Starcraft - what is it?

South Korea's National Sport.

Dude, we're having a LAN party. We're going to play 42 hours of starcraft straight with a few urban terror breaks!

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What does "Starcraft" mean?

american version- pretty cool game, made by blizzard in the 1980's this game takes a good amount of brainpower to have fun in

Korean version- The ultimate sport, this is your RELIGION, the meaning of life, this amazing blessing from the gods of computers is better than the orgasm, a underrated practice in korea.
Though, many koreans have broke free from the pack, and have fleed to america

#1 white guy- i play baseball soccer football and lacrosse. you?

korean guy- starcraft

#2 Drunk horny girl- omfg i need to have sex now idc who it is! whadya wanna do to me

korean guy-starcraft

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Starcraft - what does it mean?

One of the best RTS (real time strategy) games of all time. Better than C&C and Warcraft. Arguably the most balanced game of all time.

Loser :Doood! I just gotz meh Bladezmasta, naow ima pwn ur a$$!
Winner : *sigh* when will you learn that I don't play Warcraft? (A game for losers, except for the DOTA version) Get a life and play some Starcraft n00b.

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Starcraft - meaning

The drug that is responsible for ruining the lives of many, most notably students. Also known as one of the world's most effective girlfriend-killers.

person 1: Hey man, you got a freakin' 12 on the last test...
person 2: goddamn starcraft...

person 1: what's the matter? where'd lindsey go?
person 2: (weeps) it was starcraft or her...

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Starcraft - definition

Korea's national sport.

Kim Gu: Greetings Lee! Are you going to the starcraft team sign ups after school?

Lee Ho: Oh course! I love starcraft!

Kim Gu: Don't we all?

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Starcraft - slang

The national sport of South Korea.
A sci-fi RTS based around a 3-way war between the Terrans, the Protoss, and the Zerg. Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, it was released in 1998 and experienced phenomenal critical and commercial success.
Despite being 11 years old it is still extremely popular and widely hailed as the best RTS - if not the best game - ever made.
Soon to be surpassed by the upcoming Starcraft 2

Starcraft rocks!

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A real time strategy computer game developed by Blizzard entertainment. Set in the future, three species fight for galactic dominance. The game has enjoyed large popularity for many years, especially in Korea.

The Protoss are my favorite species to play in Starcraft.

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A real-time strategy game released by Blizzard in the late 1990s. Similar to Warcraft. Was voted 'Computer Game of the Year 1997-98' by the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Despite its being released so long ago, still very popular. A console spinoff, Starcraft:Ghost is expected within the next year, and Starcraft 2 is hoped for by the year 2010 by fans worldwide.

Up for a game of Starcraft on Battle.Net?

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One of the best real-time strategy games of all time. Created by Blizzard in the ninties, the game is still popular today among people thanks to The game consists of 3 races dueling for control in space. The story behind Starcraft is that a race known as the Zerg has began to over-run Terran colonies and the Protoss destroys anything that's overrun by the Zerg. The Terrans end up splitting into 2 trying to stop the Zerg, the other trying to control it. There are 6 campaigns in Starcraft and it's expansion pack Brood Wars.

The multiplayer mode is online, and a variety of different game modes can be used. Ladder games also exists.

This game believe it or not is a popular sport in South Korea. The Koreans are obssessed with it and they enjoy live contests in front of audiences.

Starcarft to this that is still one the best gaming experiences I have ever seen.

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