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What is Stand Down?

pretty much stood for grammar asses

"When they are all standed on they activate the pack-a-punch".

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Stand Down - what is it?

The same type as Star Platinum.

So it's a stand.

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What does "Stand Down" mean?

A Physical manifestation of your psychological strength. A Stand can only be used or seen by a Stand User.

Stands can have multiple powers or abilities.

Stands are a made up thing from the anime "JoJo's Bizzare Aventure". (jjba for short)

Jotaro: * uses his stand「 STAR PLATINUM」 against DIO's stand「THE WORLD」*

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Stand Down - what does it mean?

A manifestation of your inner will or something
(From the manga/anime: jojos bizarre adventure stardust crusaders)

DIO:jojo! Your stand power is MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA
Jotaro: yare yare...

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Stand Down

If a stand-up comedian is not at all funny, that he's booed down from the stage.

It's not funny at all, it is rather a Stand-down comedy !!!

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Stand Down

A term usually used after a good comeback has been made.

Lisndey: *whispers* I heard Becky fucked Isacc and got AIDS.
Surrounding basic bitches: oooooo
Becky: Bitch, you still talk loud as fuck when you whisper. Yo drunk ass snapchated me a photo of you suckin Samuel's dick.
Lisnday: that... That's not-
Becky: Bitch stand down.

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Stand Down

When two or more people are so courteous to one another, it becomes painful.

Particularly common with food at restaurants, or when opening doors for others.

"Parky, would you like this last dumpling?"
"No, please. You have it."
"Parky, I insist. Please eat it."
"I couldn't possibly take that last dumpling. Please, it's yours..."
Ad nauseam.
WAITER: "Welp! It looks like we've got ourselves a Mexican Stand-Down!"

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Stand Down

In times of war, exhausted combat soldiers requiring brief periods to rest and recover are removed from the field of combat to a place of relative safety and security. The military term, Stand Down, is used for such an action.

Stand down, geek! Stop playing Super Mario on the front lines!

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Stand Down

This is a Military term used to tell a subordinate to shut his pie hole.

Sgt.: Sir,I believe you are an Imbecile, Lt.
LT: You better Stand Down or I will have you standing tall before the man, Sgt.

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Stand Down

Stop what you are doing.

I suggest you stand down before this gets out of hand.

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