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What is Spanky?

Stuart Allan, secretary of the space society, student, web porn addict/ geek-like behaviour.

Hey Spanky can I copy your answers?


Thats SUCH a Spanky jacket!

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Spanky - what is it?

Useless tosser who shows an unhealthy interest in the age old art of bondage.

Actually has no clue!

Put your whip away before Spanky shoots his load! (when in fact the whip is made from liquorice)

Piss off Spanky, you dont have a clue!

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What does "Spanky" mean?

To be very stoned, it can be used as a codeword if you dont want some people to know your baked.

Dude how has your mom not been able to tell I'm so spanky, i was hitting og kush out of the 3 foot roor tripple perc before I came over, i can hardly function.

TREX: Dude im actually so spanky after smoking all that og kush out of the 3 foot roor triple perc, don’t tell philleus though he’s clueless.

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Spanky - what does it mean?

When sumone is talking sh*t or hot

Yeo bro you talking spanky

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Spanky - meaning

A person, more commonly found in the Hampshire area, but sometimes escapes to London, who has a mental disorder that makes himself think and therefore act like a goat.

"Spanky, you're a goat"
"I'm not you baaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh bully!"
"Meats"(look that one up)"you're like spanky"

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Spanky - definition

Noun: A slap someone endures across the face with a thinly sliced piece of meat; usually done with lunch meat or a patty of a fast food burger.

"Since Mike wouldn't shut up at the McDonald's drive-thru, I opened up his greasy McDouble and gave him a spanky."

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Spanky - slang

The sex.

pull it off like Mike Jones
and we're like who?
Spanky is the sex man Spanky is the sex

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A little whiny kid. He is a fan of his mom beating his meat! He can’t work for shit.

Mr bartlow “ Dalton we need you to help did a hole” Spank “ I hate this place. This is total bullshit. Fuck you bartlow”

Me “spanky your a god damn lib!” Spanky” your a pus” Everyone “shut up you fucking lib”

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A nickname, or rather synonym for the first name "Spencer". Sometimes shortened to Spanks. To be used to anyone going by said name. No exceptions.

Paul: "Oh, hey Spencer."
Spencer: "Don't you mean 'Spanky'?"
Paul: "My bad. Hey Spanky."

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Playful nickname for a guy who likes to spank his girl.

My spanky loves to surprise me with naughty spankings on my sexy little ass.

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