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What is Spanky?

(1)One of the coolest cruiserweights on WWE Smackdown. Also known as Brian Kendrick.

(2)Agnes Skinner's nickname for her son Seymour.

(1)Spanky's finishing maneuver is the sliced bread 2.

(2)"Spanky, I told you not to play in the neighbour's yard!"

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Spanky - what is it?

(adjective) : A descriptive adjective that shows the noun in a positive fashion.

"Wow, Dad, those pants are spanky."—Edna-Jean, September 3, 2008

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What does "Spanky" mean?

hunky dory. Feelin fine. Happy as a clam.

Me and my monkey are feeling mighty spanky today.

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Spanky - what does it mean?

Noun: A slap someone endures across the face with a thinly sliced piece of meat; usually done with lunch meat or a patty of a fast food burger.

"Since Mike wouldn't shut up at the McDonald's drive-thru, I opened up his greasy McDouble and gave him a spanky."

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The sex.

pull it off like Mike Jones
and we're like who?
Spanky is the sex man Spanky is the sex

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A man who is nothing more than a play thing or toy...

Never capitalized unless it's the beginning of a sentence.

Spanky is not a person...he's an object of desire; a possession; a treat you eat without guilt but can throw away if you're full and don't want to eat it all...

It's been a while...think I may give spanky a call.

I've had a hard day, I need some spanky.

Damn, spanky!

...and any other example any woman needs for a spanky ; )

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When you just want to slap a girls ass because it appears so perfect.

That girl has a spanky ass.

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A nickname, or rather synonym for the first name "Spencer". Sometimes shortened to Spanks. To be used to anyone going by said name. No exceptions.

Paul: "Oh, hey Spencer."
Spencer: "Don't you mean 'Spanky'?"
Paul: "My bad. Hey Spanky."

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Playful nickname for a guy who likes to spank his girl.

My spanky loves to surprise me with naughty spankings on my sexy little ass.

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Term of endearment referring to a male's masturbatory habits.

Hey, Spanky. You think you can drop that lotion long enough to hit the clubs tonight?

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