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What is Southeast?

Area between South Central Los Angeles and East Los Angeles also known as the "Gateway Cities" of Los Angeles. Highly Hispanic and include the cities of Los Angeles, Commerce, Vernon, Pico Rivera, Whittier, Montebello, Santa Fe Springs, Norwalk, Downey, Paramount, Maywood, La Mirada, Cudahy, Bellflower, Artesia, Cerritos, Bell, and Bell Gardens. It's mostly area codes with 562 and 323. These cities are mostly working-class neighborhoods with very few middle-class neighborhoods. They are hubs for families from South Central and East Los Angeles and sometimes considered a "step up" from the inner-city despite the fact that all the cities are unfortunately very highly gang infested.

Vato: Ey what parta L.A. u from dawg??
Vato2: Im from Southeast Los Angeles RIFAS!!!!!!!!!!!!PURO 562 y 323!!!!

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Southeast - what is it?

One of San Diego's most diversely prolific (and often misunderstood) urban communities, known by most locals as an area plagued by gang violence, poverty, and homicide especially throughout the 80's and 90's, and even today.

Southeast San Diego is part of City Council District 4, and encompasses the overwhelmingly working-class, and minority professional class-inhabited neighborhoods of Mt. Hope, Mountain View, Southcrest, Shelltown, Chollas View, Ridgeview, Webster, Oak Park, Lincoln Park, Emerald Hills, Broadway Heights, Valencia Park, Alta Vista, O'Farrell Park, Skyline, North and South Encanto, North and South Bay Terrace, Jamacha, Lomita Village, and Paradise Hills.

The area is extremely diverse, with nearly 90% of the population nearly evenly split Latino, Filipino/Southeast Asian, and African-American. Southeast San Diego is served by three urban high schools, Gompers High in Chollas View, Lincoln High in Lincoln Park, and Morse High in Skyline, though due to growing dissatisfaction with the local high schools, a growing number of students from the area are sent to high schools in San Diego's more affluent suburbs "North of (Interstate) 8" i.e. University City High and Mira Mesa High.

Nevertheless, despite the struggles that most inner-city communities deal with on the daily, Southeast San Diego is currently undergoing a much-needed urban and cultural renaissance throughout its beleaguered communities.

"...klack klack klack klack, four corners of death, fam mart, catfish fry, the barrel, hornets and tigers...this is southeast san diego."

"Carrying signs that read 'Peace in Southeast' and 'Cease Fire,' they chanted as they marched..."
-Middle school students on a peace march in Southeast San Diego

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What does "Southeast" mean?

A dangerous neighborhood in the Southeast of Houston Texas

A : Say Homeboy, where you from?
B : Southeast Broadway Wassup
A : Respect, Real Gs over there

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Southeast - what does it mean?

Contrary to popular belief, northern England is no better then the south. Many people see the north of England as the deep south of the USA, south east England can be seen as the California. It's a sunny warm place the people are quite laid back and just go with the flow. They also love to have a good time, house parties, you name it. Quite a wild place, The south coast is made up of many beaches, sandy or stony and the people love to spend most of their free time there, southeast England is a wonderful place.

Southeast England should be visited at least once is your lifetime.

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Southeast - meaning

Southeast Asian is what Laos, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Hmong claim as their race with pride. What separates these races from East Asians and other Southeast Asians is that they have lower incomes in America and they left their war torn countries for a new life elsewhere. They've been through a lot of struggle and set out for a new life in Western Countries. They're Parents gave up their old lives for the kids to have better ones. The kids of the First generation that came to America and went to school and experienced a lot of Racism, prejudice, and were assaulted. Since they were from low income families a lot of them turned to the gang life. The Horrors they've witnessed from their homelands of War torn Southeast Asia made these kids hard, tough, violent, and they knew how to fight a war. So gang wars between Southeast Asian Gangs and other gangs started up Such as the one in Long Beach. As time progresses a lot leave the gang life even though a lot of youngsters join. But in this time period most of them live a good life with a good family.


Althought all these are categorized as Southeast Asians as well - The mainland section consists of Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia (or to be more precise, Peninsular Malaysia). The maritime section consists of Brunei, East Timor,1 Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.

They did not face the struggles that Cambodians laos vietnamese and hmongs have so to me they are not Southeast Asian

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Southeast - definition

The southeastern quadrant of Portland, a metropolis in the Northwestern United States. The SE is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city with low levels of high school graduation and college diplomas. A predominately low-income White and Hispanic quadrant, the SE has the worst ranked schools, cheap housing compared to the rest of town, high crime, high use of drugs (cocaine, heroine), gang shootings and is the farthest from the downtown area. Despite this, some parts are tolerable and many people live the typical Portland lifestyle but the SE quadrant is still plagued by crime, drugs, theft, low-incomes and horrendous schools. It's not Detroit or Compton but it's not a place you'll want to be at night :).

Random Person: Yo, where are you from?
SE Portland resident: SE Portland, close to Gresham
Random Person: ohh shit, damn bro not the best part of the city, ehh
Southeast Portland: Yea

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Southeast - slang

Located in the worst part of Bradenton, Florida (Samoset) Southeast high is a pretty shitty school considering how many of the students dropout or blaze it like wiz kalifa

Dude I just scored some dank bud from Southeast High

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The worst area of any city, anywhere.

I live in southeast.


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Between South and East, diametrically opposite North West on a compass.

Camper 1: Dude, we're so heading Southeast!
Camper 2: Rock on!

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The Southeast quadrant of Washington, DC. A place of decent homes and rampad crime. A place where you can purchase weed and get a head job all for under $50.

See "Soufeast".

Yo, I am going to Soufeast to pick me up some weed.

See "Soufeast".

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