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What is Soupy?

The replacement of the word Moist. Soupy describes how a female feels, how you feel, and how an object feels.

"That movie last night made me so soupy."

"Babe, you make me so soupy"

"My panties are soupy"

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Soupy - what is it?

When you shotgun the same bong hit back and forth. So named because the hit feels like shit, and you are (two girls one cup style) vomiting it back and forth. The vomit feels like chunky soup. Thus, you're keeping it soupy.

Widdly scuds?

Me: My girl friend and I were keeping soupy last night, until she blew it all over my face!

You: Wow, how was it?

Me: It was good shit!

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What does "Soupy" mean?

Describes baggy clothing of a pea green or khaki color that doesn't fit correctly. So big you're "swimming" in it. Usually used to describe a shirt or sweater.

The soupy, brown sweater buried her small frame.

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Soupy - what does it mean?

A soupy is a man or woman who has a poor capacity for alcohol. Also a substitute for the word "crap" or "shite".

Did you see yer man last week fallin about the place after 3 pints. Hes such a soupy, so he is.

The titanic. What a soupy film.

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nickname for dan campbell of the widely known pop punk band, the wonder years

madelyn: omg i love the wonder years!!!
julie: yes!!! soupy is a legend.

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Being high, just not baked.

I'm soupy, its pretty comfortable.

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an adjective used to describe anything. meaning varies with tone and facial expression. not to be confused with "soupy", the adjective used to describe something soup-like.

Jesse: This pizza is so soupy!
Kate: I know it's delicious!

Kate: Ugh, that history test we just had was the soupiest!
Jesse: God I know right? So boring!

Jesse: Hows it going there, Kate?
Kate: Sort of soupy. There's nothing to do.

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Refers to the warm wetness of the female vagina

You wouldn't believe how soupy she was!

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1. Excessively awesome. A corruption of cool and sweet.

That jump was soupy, man!
Did you see me pick up there? That was soupy.
This soup is Soupy!

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To get so high smoking hash that walking feels like wading through soup.

"Dude, I got so soupy last night, I was acting souper sloppy."

"Who's going to be Joel McHale tonight? I bought last time, and I'm trying to get soupy."

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