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What is Snider?

A person who crys or complains so much or so often that they can literally take a shower using their own tears.

John Doe is crying again...looks like its time for another Snider Shower.

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Snider - what is it?

A fucking idiot that somehow Teaches 9th and 10th geometry at Owen J Roberts high school and an absolute joke of a teacher. Absolute idiot who regularly stops talking in the middle of his sentence. He closes his eyes and tips his head back as he talks. Often comes to class and appears to be absolutely baked all the time. Also golf and tennis coach who does not do anything with the teams. Loves the cheap pizza places around school and will never forget to tell you about it. Probably sells drugs but definitely comes to school high.

Guy 1- did you see mr snider today?
Guy 2- yeah he ran into the wall and said sorry in the hall way

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What does "Snider" mean?

the definition of total and complete awesomness, total achivement in every area of life

dude you just chase snider'ed that test

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Snider - what does it mean?

Vocalist for Twisted Sister. Could possibly be the ugliest person alive. See Sarah Jessica Parker. Excellent singer though.

Words can not describe how hideous this person is. Goatse is more soothing to the eye than Dee Snider.

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Snider - meaning

Greatest Folk Singer ever. Most known for the song "Beer Run" but has many other great songs. Has recently gained a ton of popularity in the Americana music scene.

Todd is Originally from Portland Oregon but currently resides in East Nashville, TN. Released his first album "Songs for the Daily Planet" in 1994 His latest release "The Storyteller" was released in February of 2011

Todd is known for telling stories about his songs during live performances that may last up to 18 minutes.

I bought the new Todd Snider album yesterday it is amazing.

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Snider - definition

A musical legend,Producer,Drummer,Composer.Also Known as GSpider.

Garey Snider,GSpider,Drummer,Producer,composer,Scarling,The Cure

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Snider - slang

Can be used in many ways as an offense or just a name.

Offense: dick, asshole etc.
Name: human, child, creature

Don’t go being a snider! (Offense)
You dirty minded sniders (just a name)

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Another word for gay, also maybe a wooldridge. they also may have a dirty mullet.

that guy is snider

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An alcoholic drink usually made from fermented apples.

Leaves one feeling wretched the day after.

When consumed whilst driving you will usually crash.

A good way of killing a lot of time.

Would you like a pint of snider? Oh yes please

Not to be confused with - there's nout snider than a pint of 8% cider.

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A wide variety of ultimate supreme amazingness. Often compared to omnipotent in the manner of which it absolutely implies perfection in all means of the word. Reflection upon the term compares cynnically without the rendition of a being of which can compulate to it's standards. Total and awe shocking capabilities within the expansion of the human mind, the limit at which Snider sets itself is none.

"Dude that guy just saved an entire apartment complex by sneezing while it was on fire, and it all blew out!"

"Wooow that was some Snider moves!"

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