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What is Snail?

When you pre cum in your undies leaving a snail slime like mess

'OMG he's so hot he made me snail'

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Snail - what is it?

A basic plain looking girl, mostly residing in a hoodie with no makeup on.

Plain Jane, she lacks in features, Snail

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What does "Snail" mean?

An undersea cat

That's a cute snail!

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Snail - what does it mean?

Fucking at a very slow pace, e.g, slowly nailing someone.

She's so fine, I'd love to snail her tonight!

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Snail - meaning

When one is late for an appointment or meeting. Or someone who is just generically slow in doing anything.

"You snail! You're always late!"

"Could you eat a lil faster? You're such a snail!"

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Snail - definition

To provide a female with a loose, unreliable, semi-erection that has to be maintained through continuous, harsh & raging masturbation sessions in-between penetration attempts.

This state of the penis very much resembles a Shell Less Snail.

1. "Hey Tim, remember that chick I hooked up with last night ? I got too drunk so i gave her the snail"

2. "I don't find Lisa attractive, but due to my low standards, i'm willing to snail her."
3. "Daquan has such a weak dick game, he snailed me for the 3rd time this week. I think he might be gay"

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Snail - slang

An attractive girl who is interested in having sex at any given time. A hot version of a skank.

Reason: Girls get wet and leave snail trails... ie: they are "snails."

"jonny you need to get to this party asap, it's crawling with snails"

"man you should've seen this snail. she gave me a throbbing blue steel the cat wouldn't scratch. i was about to fold her in half squishy side out right there at the library."

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To eat out a pussy then leaving left over vaginal mucus, a girl will rub her pussy along your body leaving a trail of "slime" similar to a snail.

BRO- my girlfriend did the snail on me last night it was totally tubular

chick- omg id totally snail brad pitt

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A mix of snow, rain and hail.

Man, I just got caught in a snail storm. Totally bogus!

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When someone pretends to give you a fist bump but at the last moment goes under and sticks out two fingers, making a snail. One person's fist is the shell and other person's hand makes up the body, with the fingers as the eye stalks.

Trying to snail Maya, Jay accidentally poked her left breast instead.

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