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What is Skort?

A phrase used to describe the action of throwing a large object. Also can be used as slang when tappin dat fat ass.

Example 1- "Holly picked up the large rock and skorted it at her husband's stupid face for breathing too loud."

Example 2 - "Laquan took dat bitch in the alley and proceeded to skort her silly. She be limpin sideways when he's through."

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Skort meme gif

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Skort - what is it?

An older woman (Cougar-like)who's legs are too rippled and veiny for a convential skirt so she wears a skort to cover the cheese and purple leg vines.

Joe: I was at the Swizzle and saw Justin hitting on a skort.
Buddy: She must have been brutal
Joe: Yeah, but he wanted to swap junk with her none the less.

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What does "Skort" mean?

A Skort is a Skirt that has shorts in them that are attached

OMG have you seen those Skorts they are so pretty

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Skort - what does it mean?

A skort is a comfortable skirt of any length with a pair of shorts or trousers underneath it. The shorts or trousers are fixed to the inside of the skirt, so it's like you're just putting on a pair of pants but it looks like your wearing a skirt.

- Skorts are usually bought by young girls because their mothers whon't let them wear minis
- Skorts are terminally ugly
- They get hot and uncomfortable in warmer weather because of the double layer.
- They are uncomfortable to move in if they are long, because you can't move your legs very well and it gets sweltering. There is a tendancy the chafe under these conditions.

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Skort - meaning

The act of being confused after you find out that someone is wearing a skort and not a skirt like you had originally assumed.

"I thought Rachel was wearing a skirt, but then all of a sudden it had shorts too"

"Ahh man, you got skorted!"

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Skort - definition

relationship stage.

The awkward stage between almost wearing the pants, but still being whipped.

"see that man on a leash? he's definitely the skort in the relationship"

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Skort - slang

cross between a skirt and shorts

This skort is really comfortable.

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A skirty sort of shorts. Something that appears to be a skirt of knee-length or shorter, but which includes an integral boxer-like lining of shorts to protect the modesty of the wearer. The term can be either singular or plural when referring to a single item of this clothing. Skorts are a common feature of girls' school uniforms, for elementary and middle school children, but rare outside that setting.

Let the little girl jump on the trampoline, she's wearing skorts.

This is my school uniform, Dad: this isn't a skirt, it's a skort.

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A hybrid between a skirt and shorts. Often sold at Gap Kids instead of a real skirt for want of seeming non-risque. Often worn by individuals who are: a)Afraid of flashing someone thus embaressing themselves b)Hopelessly uncool c) doesn't HAVE any skirts to wear so they ATTEMPT to look cool through the wearing of a skort. And remember children, skorts are,and always will be, a fashion faux pas.

Word for the Wise: NEVER wear skorts at a fab summer barbeque. It's social suicide.

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"A mullet for your butt."

Wow, Kelley is a skort!

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