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What is Shit and Shinola?

For many, especially in the Southern US, it means the person referenced is an ignoramus . That is, if the person had their shoes shined. they could easily be fooled by the shine man who could just as well put shit on their shoes as shoe polish

you know shit from shinola you stupid person.

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Shit and Shinola - video

Shit and Shinola - what is it?

This word is used to describe not understanding or knowing what is going on.

Teacher: What is 4+9/2

Student: Ask someone else, i don't know shit from shinola.

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What does "Shit and Shinola" mean?

Naive, stupid. Can't tell one's ass from first base; see Shinola.

"That yahoo can't tell shit from shinola"
"That geologist can't tell schist from shinola."

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Shit and Shinola - what does it mean?

Used as an exclamation, when something bad has, is, or was happening.

My wife is in a truck wreck and now she'll die real slow like cause she's cut in half and this is the last time I ever talk to her? Ok... what? My car has a dent? OH SHIT AND SHINOLA!

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