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What is Shelby?

Shelby is a person that loves you for who you are, not who you pretend to be, if your friend is named Shelby, you know it's for a good reason, that friend, Shelby is the best friend you'll ever have, at times they may seem like they have anger issues, they can't take anger well but they are beautiful and sweet and the best girl you'll ever meet, they love to be loved and feel like they matter. They are smart, nice, cool and if you regect their friendship, you'll never ever hear the end of it.

Shelby is a woman's name originally but also sometimes used as a man's name.

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Shelby meme gif

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Shelby - what is it?

Shelby is a girl with a great personality and really funny and cute. If you were asked if you would rather taste the best thing in the world or see the most prettiest sight. You would pick taste because you would have already seen Shelby. The most prettiest girl ever.

When you see Shelby she will light up your day.

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What does "Shelby" mean?

A kind hearted girl, who is super pretty but will always deny it. She loves to help others, and will always be there. You are lucky to find a shelby in your lifetime. Speaking of Luck, she might not have the best luck, and. She may be clumsy, but she always ends up laughing it off. She gets very mad easily. Don’t mess with a Shelby though, she has a group of 2-7 friends who will never leave her to deal with something on her own. Speaking of dealing with stuff on her own, she will never tell you how she’s feeling, no matter what. She keeps her feelings in, and has her own way of dealing with pain and balencing her life. Even though her life may be falling apart, she will always care about her friends more then anything in the world.

β€œWow. I never realized how nice shelby was until I started talking to her.”

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Shelby - what does it mean?

A cute girl, with these gorgeous green-blue eyes, and the most adorable freckles. Long, brown/blonde hair. I like her, but it will never work. Always go after a Shelby, she's hard to find! She's super sweet, cute, and a bit shy at first. She's has a hella rad sense of humor! And she laughs a lot. She'll almost never talk to you first though, but once you talk to her, you won't regret it!

Person 1: I really wish Shelby would come talk to me, I like her. :(
Person 2: Don't you know her man? You've gotta talk to her!
Person 1: Oh, alright. She looks kinda intimidating though...
Person 2: Dont worry man, she's actually like, the sweetest girl

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Shelby - meaning

Sweet, sassy, beautiful girl with a kickass smile and a goofy personality. She'll make you laugh with out even trying. She's one badass gal!

Drunk dude #1: Broooo who's that with the nice ass?
Drunk dude #2: Back off man
Drunk dude #1: Why brooo?
Drunk dude #2: Dude that's Shelby! She'll kick you're ass

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Shelby - definition

Shelby, shelby, shelby is something that can not be described in words it's to emense. Shelby is a smart, gorgues, fascinating, interesting, funny, carasmatuc, loyal, determined, and etc. Shelby is that person u can tell your problems too and will help u no matter what the thing is. She will be There in a time of need. She also thinks she is ugly but in all honesty she is the most wonderful girl in the world. Any guy is lucky to have her even just to see her, she is more precious than a diamond more than emerald. She isn't something not from This world she's to precious, she's like a comet u can only see it once in a long time, she stands out from the rest cause she over shines them. She will bring u joy and laughter, if your having a bad day she is there to light it back up with happiness, she's like a dream catcher, the point of the dream catcher is to catch the bad spirits from flooding your brain with nightmares, Shelby isn't an Xbox or Ps4, she can't be played over and over, she needs a real man that will show her real love, that will lover her in the bad and good of times no matter how she looks, she don't want someone who will look over her she wants u to look with her. If u c I didn't put anything of body type cause your physical status dosent matter and especially when it comes to define the name not the shape or size. Well if u know a Shelby try to hold on to her cause there won't be one the same as a Shelby

(20 year old): dad have u ever seen a Shelby in your entire life cause I haven't

(60 year old dad): I once knew a Shelby

(20 year old son): what happened

(60 year old dad): I was a bad person that didn't know how to treat her, I thought she was like everyone else, but I didn't know the truth
(20 year old son): wow dad how where u so stupid

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Shelby - slang

Super gorgeous, logically defying intelligence, loyal to a fault, compassionate person. Shelby is tried and true. She will stick by you through thick and thin. The sister/friend every single person on this planet wishes for. Potential and smarts people would die for. Beauty in combination with elegance. Unique crazy admirable sense of style. Has the ability to wear absolutely anything and not only pull it off but rock it. So smart she could be president. Classy as fuck with a streak of hippie. Earth nugget/granola is the best way to describe herstyle. Looks equally as amazing without a drop of makeup but can transform into a doll with it. She is a social butterfly and can carry on a conversation with anyone. She has an envious amount of empathy and compassion. Shelby literally glows she is such an amazing human being!

Man, Shelby is so awesome! I just love her to death!

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shelbys are typically shy quiet and quirky, at first glance. if you take time to get to know them they are amazingly outgoing, they like making people laugh and just being silly. they are smart and kind but also rebellious and stubborn, they often like to be right and will stand up for what they believe in. they want to help the world anyway they can. if you lucky enough to meet a shelby you might wanna keep google translate handy because they often know multiple languages and are gonna use them on. shelbys typically wanna know anything they can, they don't wanna be tied down they value freedom and independence. if you are lucky enough to know a shelby hold her tight and never let go

person number one: my girlfriend shelby is amazing
person number two: man i wish i was dating a shelby

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A girl who is very sick of being associated with a mustang.

When Shelby googled herself for the 3rd time, she found a plethora of car images.

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Shelby is unlike any other. She also goes by the name Shelbster. She is perfect in every way, she's the best in the world but she doesn't think so. Be cautious with this. Know what she really wants or needs and be yourself. She'll know when you're joking and that you do love her and that everything is real. Let her know how you feel and don't overdo anything. When you're with her you cannot speak right and it's as if no one else exists. You won't know where to start when you try to tell her how much she means to you so you end up just squishing her as hard as you can. Be careful when squishing her because it can and will leave bruises or rib pain. Speaking of pain, learn to ice skate so you won't make her fall and feel horrible after. When you're with her you both feel a soul warming sensation. She'll always be on your mind and knows how to brighten the worst days with her amazing smile, which in turn makes you smile all day every day. She'll always make you the happiest you've ever been. She belongs in an exhibit because it's crazy not to be staring at her. Visit a doctor prior to seeing her, your heart will explode due to tachycardia otherwise. Make sure to know Arabic because she will tell you something very important in that language. While you're at it, learn Spanish. She is someone you will be around forever. You won't ever lose her. You will always be in love with her and miss her and it will always be mutual with her. She is the beyond the most important in the world.

Shelby, thank everything you do and for being yourself. Thank you for being who you are. We are permanently in each other's lives and we will always work through everything and go on forever. And remember.... Everything happens for a reason.

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