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What is Seminoles?

where the party's at #bokey

i go to lake mary and its ratchet as hell, Seminole high is where its at

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Seminoles - what is it?

Seminole Nole (AKA SN), is an online information page that reports the scandalous, insipid, and somtimes fabricated activites performed by the residents of Sanford & Lake Mary Florida.

SN is a gossip site. Thousands of facebook friends, twitter followers, and formspring creeps submit what they believe is newsworthy enough to the page, in hopes that whoever is running the site will publish they're (again, mostly fabricated) stories, and the submitee will gain they're five minutes of fame.

The Site is claimed to be run by a group of upper-class girls from Seminole High School, and have several crude imitators such as 'Criminole Nole' and the 'Lake Mary Ram' page; none of these pages is as popular as the SN.

The page still remains active to this day, highlighting the recent news of who-gave-sabrina-herpes news, and otherwise teen-related dramatics.

Check out Seminole Nole, Yo

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What does "Seminoles" mean?

A Sneaky Indian except for the fact that the Sneaky Indian giver must paint their entire body (including penis and scrotum) half Garnet and half gold. The giver must also be holding a spear and sing battle cries throughout intercourse.

Wright Sneaky Seminole'd his hoe last night because Wright is a pimp.

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Seminoles - what does it mean?

An african-american slave who escaped captivity in the south and sought refuge amoung the native-americans. Since the "Indians" didn't have a name for their new brother they created the word Seminole.

Welcome my seminole brother. Let us kill whitey.

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Easily the most Boring Town Possible
THe middle of nowhere REDNECK town
Consists of Rednecks And SNobs!

Seminole is a podunck town

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A student of Florida State University. Males are identified by their natural superiority in athletics, academics, and appearence. Females by their virtue as well as beauty and high scholarly achievement. Athletic accomplishment include the enslavement of University of Florida by defeating them in five of the past six contests.

The Seminoles did to the Gators what Rome did to Carthage

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A native american tribe that originated in Florida.Due to the relocation of my tribe from Florida to Oklahoma.Many Seminoles now live in Oklahoma few live in Florida.

I'm a proud member of the Seminole Nation

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The only Native American tribe to never be overtaken by the white government because they're the only tribe to have never signed a peace treaty with the U.S. (They call themselves the "Unconquered People.") Seminoles are a combination of other tribes from other Southeaster states, and also include escaped slaves. While 90% of all Seminoles were moved to Oklahoma, the other 10% stayed in or around the Everglades. In a series of wars, the 300 or so Seminoles defeated about 1,500 American troops. Their combination of fleeing for cover into the Everglades, along with the fact that many of them were runaway slaves, led U.S. troops to roughly translate Seminole to "runaway" in English.

Seminoles are the mascot for Florida State University (FSU).

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The native mut-indians that once roamed this great continent before the white devil came. Subsequent inter-breeding of the Seminoles and the new white devil race gave rise to the majority of White Trash/Red-Neck people that now inhabit all of Florida. From these people have come NASCAR, hence why they are Punished on a regular basis by Tropical storms and now even by the NCAA!!

I wish the Seminole Natives would have kept their Bow and Arrows under their loin cloths, Florida football and NASCAR really suck balls!

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what FSU uses for their mascot. Pretty much is a reflection of the their stupidity and lower class because infact the seminoles were a mut tribe... don't think this is the truth... look it up, they actaully teach you this in upper end universities. Seminoles were in fact a group of indians, some from over here and there, as well as almost 60%runaway slaves... interesting! makes you think... oh wait no thinking isnt an option at FSU

that is one sketchy person, must be a seminole!

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