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What is Semi Formal?

A type of shirt with a tie,tuxedo,bowtie,etc. printed on the front so as to appear important looking

nah, its printed on, goin' semi-formal today

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Semi Formal - what is it?

A way of styling clothes, in which you are more formal than everyday clothes, but less formal than a formal event, such as black-tie events. Some popular places where you will find this are in this are school dances, work parties, and brunches.

Mary: “Hey, did you hear that Homecoming is semi-formal? What are you going to wear?”
Jenny: “I found this cute dress from Kohl’s that’s the perfect mix of formal and casual! I’m so excited for the dance!”

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What does "Semi Formal" mean?

A slang term for a dress code prohibiting any apparel below the waist. Derived from a "Harold and Kumar" movie.

Macey loved to attend "semi formal" parties, especially when the place was packed tight.

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Semi Formal - what does it mean?

Wearing slacks and a button down shirt. No need for a jacket or tie.

I'm glad this party is a semi-formal party, I can't afford a jacket or a tie!

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