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What is Sell?

1) To sell something (usually a stock) that one does not own, with the anticipation that the item's value will decline and they will be able to buy it back at a later date for a lesser price.
2) To deny someone credit that they deserve. This is generally something a person does to him/herself.

I sold your sister short last year for $100, then bought her back this year for a can of Skoal and a junior bacon cheeseburger. Damn that rag has really started to circle the drain.
You: "So you're not going to let me beat it up, are you?"
Girl: "Nope, sorry. Denied! But don't sell yourself short...3 inches isn't really that small. At least you've got my chihuahua beat...I think."
(sell short)

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Sell - what is it?

Selling popcorn

The act of standing by and doing nothing to effect or change events but attracting attention to the event itself none the less.

I was getting the crap kicked out of me and my buddy Mike was just standing around selling popcorn.

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What does "Sell" mean?

Getting the bae pregnant

Tommy did you start selling life again you niggabitchfuck

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Sell - what does it mean?

Song selling takes place when a singer-songwriter earns money in exchange for the rights to use his or her original music, often to a (more) famous, or up-and-coming, recording artist.

If a singer-songwriter has written a catchy song but seems to fall short on vocal or instrumental ability, a listener might say, "you should sell your song." Hearing this can be extremely disheartening for singer-songwriters, especially those who are still developing their talents, or have not yet enjoyed their fifteen minutes of fame.

Why does song selling even exist? Any band or singer who is worth their weight can write their own songs.

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A rare last name. Almost as rare as them. They're most commonly know as loyal, loving, caring, thoughtful, and can have a bit of a temper. For the most part they have your back as long as you don't screw them over. Never fight fire with fire if a sells is involved. They may seem shy and conservative but in the inside they're raging. Stay in the good side and you'll have a good friend out of a sells

Man I can't fight. Really wish a sells had my back!

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To be dealing drugs.

The minimum that I'm selling is QP's.

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When playing the gameNBA 2k19” and shooting contested shots and yelling GREEN and missing your shots.

You’re selling dude.
You air balled

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the Utahn version of "sale" or "sail"

1.) I once went selling in a sellboat

2.) For Sell: 2000 GMC Suburban

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A great salesperson, although out-of-control at the snap of the fingers.

The meeting was going great until Sell smashed the monitor to bits and pieces.

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Commonly used as the basketball game 2k to "Sell" is to not do good as usual or to throw the game away and do bad.

An example of Sell: Man I played with Shawn and he sold the game when we were up 15-0
I hope I don't sell this game I'm usually pretty good

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