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What is Sarah Palin?

- VP candidate of John McCain
- a deer slayer
- her church wants to kill gays or convert them
- she says she is in favor of shooting animals from a plane or helicopter with a machine gun
- she doesn't believe in global warming
- she wants offshore drilling
- her brain is in her ass
- wheres Alaska?
- she has shitty one-liners written by idiots of the magnitude of Tyler Marcus

sarah palin is a aero deer hunting motherfucker.

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Sarah Palin - video

Sarah Palin - what is it?

John McCain's pick for vice president if he wins the 2008 election. After revolving many of his arguments against Barack Obama around the fact that he has little experience (which was pretty much his whole campaign), John McCain picks a woman with 20 MONTHS worth of experience to be his running mate.

Person A: Choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate was a cheap attempt at gaining more votes and trying to win over Clinton's supporters.
Person B: Word.
Person A: She's hot though.
Person B: Word.

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What does "Sarah Palin" mean?

Completely clueless airhead bimbo who is supposedly the future of the Republicanazi party.

Sarah Palin done got er did Clem, and that's why McCain lost.

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Sarah Palin - what does it mean?

See: bitch

Sarah Palin = a stuck up anti-human rights bitch.

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Sarah Palin - meaning

The biggest mistake John McCaine could have ever made. An animal killer, non-supporter of women's rights, and unstable "maverick", Sarah Palin is out to destroy the world.

Sarah Palin can see Russia from her house!

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Sarah Palin - definition

A totalitarian, homophobic, white trash, delusional, anti-science, wench who believes being within viewing distance of Russia qualifies the bitch to be the big cheese of America.

Sarah Palin is a cunt.

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Sarah Palin - slang

1. The female equivalent of George W. Bush; the female archetype of a dumbass American conservative.
2. An animal-killing, homophobic, anti-abortion (even in rape cases) but trigger-happy and war-loving, creationist, ocean drill-loving, polar bear-hating, hypocritical, childish, overbearing bitch.
3. An inexperienced woman who believes she can do anything, as far as being vice president of the United States, and abandon her own special-needs baby.
4. A quitter who wants to be president.

1. Sarah Palin is an evil slut.
2. God I can't stand that woman; she is such a Sarah Palin.
3. Sarah Palin's not ready to be president.
4. Why did Sarah Palin resign as the Governor of Alaska, but wants to run for president?

Note: My pseudonym is an intentional misspelling of this bitch's name.

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Sarah Palin

is a cunt.

"Hey, you know... Sarah Palin is a cunt."

"Hey, you know... grass is green"

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Sarah Palin

Vice Presidential nominee for the Republican party. Charges rape victims for their exams, wants to teach creationism in schools despite the constitution's separation of church and state, supported the bridge to no where before she opposed it, fires people who disagree with her, will kill all our moose's.

Sarah Palin sucks.

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Sarah Palin

Tina Fey's doppelganger

Tina Fey did a spot on impression of Sarah Palin on SNL the other night. You betcha I'm a hockey mom hangin' out shootin' moose with Joe 6-Pack!!! We are just a team of mavericks gettin' all mavericky on the issues.

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