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What is Santana?

A charming boy with curly hair that give good sex and will please any girl he will be rich and play in the nba with the love of his life all girls fall in love with his big cock

Santana has a big cock

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Santana - what is it?

A nice, beautiful, hot, caring, funny, and wifey material girl. A honest friend ,never lies , and sometimes annoying. Has long curly hair, nice lips, and big thighs. Also is single.

Boy 1) Who is that hot girl with the curly hair over there .

Boy 2) oh you don't know her ? Thats Santana.
Boy 1) is she single???
Boy 2) yes she is.... you should go ask her out
Boy 1) I will

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What does "Santana" mean?

The best friend a girl could have, funny with a great smile. White girl that loves black dick, A LOT. A lady in the streets but a freak in the streets... or backseat of a car.

"who is that girl with that black guy?"
"not sure, she's hot though so she must be a Santana."

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Santana - what does it mean?

The second worst Pillar Man from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2. Known in some translations as Santviento. For those wondering, the list of the Pillar Men from best to worst is as follows:

1. Wamuu
2. Esidisi
3. Santana
4. Kars

Joseph: Your next line is, "Learned your lesson, primitive?"
Santana: Learned your lesson, primitive?
Santana: ...!

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Santana - meaning

a kickass guitarist that combines blues rock and latin music in one

did Santana ever play with Jimi Hendrix?
i wish it, that would've made someone jizz theirself if they ever heard that song

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Santana - definition

Santana as in "Saint-Ana". Sanatana means a saint very holy and clean. Originated in spain;

Carlos Santana, guitar player; Juelz Santana aka. DipsEt, rapper.

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Santana - slang

Meaning holy or a saint like follower of Christianity

Santana is a follower of Christ

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The most perfect girlfriend you could ever find. Great smile. 10/10. Never let her go because you're definitely going to regret it later in life.

1st girl: Damn is that a Santana with my ex?
2nd girl: Shit, you just lost the ex game.
1st girl: *Starts crying*

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The best guy you’ll ever meet. He’s caring and super funny with the ability to make any day better. People call him all the time just to calm down. Super hot with a body as amazing as his personality. With perfect brown eyes and the best lips imaginable, you’ll want to kiss him for hours on end just to be near him. Santana’s are one of the most special things in life so if you find one, you better keep him.

Girl 1: Damn, see that Santana over there?
Girl 2: Back off he’s all mine

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A ride-or-die chic who always tells it like it is. She's loyal til the end to those who are loyal to her. She has long dark hair and dark piercing eyes that has the ability to stare right into your soul. She's one of the hottest bitches on the block and she is what every man dreams of. She's got the whole package once you have her you don't want to ever let her go. Santana is a freak when the lights go out once you have had her you'll never forget her and you won't never find another like her even if you search far and wide she's one of a kind.

That's Santana and she is a down ass bitch she been A1 since day 1.

I can always count on Santana when I need her.

Damn Santana got that good good.

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