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What is S.S?

Colonel By S.S (aka CB) is a rather famous high-school, known for being the only school in the OCDSB to offer the vigorous IB programme. Thus it is also very well-known for its "very high" academic standards. What is not common knowledge though, is the fact that an alarmingly great portion of the IB student body are in reality, rather weak in mathematics, english, etc. Additionally, it is very true that CB loses in every single sport EXCEPT senior girls' volleyball. However, they do have a very cool and unique media course named "CougarVision", where the grade 12 students taking the course are responsible for the announcements via a news channel format.

Additional info:
Colonel By S.S was named after Lieutenant-Colonel John By; he has founded Bytown and supervised the construction of the Rideau Canal.

Mike: "Yo Logan, Lisgar Collegiate Institute is such a weird school."
Logan: "Yeah, but it's so much better than Colonel By S.S."
Mike: "Ok, yeah, that's true..."

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S.S - what is it?

The name of the best spaceship from World War 2. The same one Hitler escaped in after the Klingon forces occupated Berlin.

S.S. BathroomSink was a craft so magnificent that it was the envy of the civilized world at the time. No flak gun ever managed to bring it down, and as much as they tried, Allied forces could not ever make a copy of this fortress of a vehicle.

Floating 1 mile wide and half a kilometer high, it alone was responsible for destruction of Paris, London, New York, Chicago, Harriston, Kragujevac and a small hut just outside of Gadji.

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What does "S.S" mean?

Its a boat only for people that fail.

All aboard the s.s collision fail boat TOOT TOOT!!!

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S.S - what does it mean?

If you want to know what the S.S. Debacle is, you gotta go to Vegas to find out!

This definition will be the ultimate test of the Urban Dictionary Rubber Stamp.

Pwned Nitwit: Man, I gotta go to Vegas to find out what this S.S. Debacle is!

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S.S - meaning

Stincky Snatch (noun) refers to a girl with a bacterial outbreak in the vagina.

That girl has a S.S.

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S.S - definition

Super Stupid

I knew a chinese dude who went to Johns Hopkins and he was S.S.

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S.S - slang

an abrevation to "Super Stoned". Meaning getting so high, you are on a complete and total nother level, to what is the usual when getting high.

My buddies and I sat back and smoked a ton of weed, consequences being, we were S.S.

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Shit Stain

Mary took an Alli and thought she was going to fart but shit herself in the elevator at work. The turds ran down her legs and out of her pants causing s.s. in her panties.

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An elite quasi-military unit of the Nazi party that served as Hitler's personal guard and as a special security force in Germany and the occupied countries.

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Stay Strong

"Hey what does S.S mean"
"Stay strong"

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