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What is Rush B Cyka Blyat?

A term used by many gamers (especially by or to imitate Russians) of CSGO (a first-person shooter). The phrase breaks down into 2 parts.

Rush B = B is a bomb plant site in maps in CSGO where the terrorists (a team) can plant the bomb to win. Rush B is, in some maps, the fastest to plant at, and therefore win.
Cyka Blyat = A russian phrase, сука блять, to offensively address a prostitute. In this case it is used in distress to show annoyance or desperation, as would FFS. Used also to address friends in a jokey way, used non-offensively.

'Rush B Cyka Blyat' together is used to tell other teammates that the team should plant the bomb (objective to win) in the bomb site B (location).

Person 1: "What can we do, we are going to lose?"
Person 2: "RUSH B CYKA BLYAT!!"

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Rush B Cyka Blyat - what is it?

When Russians get mad in CS:GO.

Player: Where should we go?
Russian: Rush B Cyka Blyat

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What does "Rush B Cyka Blyat" mean?

Rush B Cyka Blyat is a common slang said by bilingual Russians in the game CS-Go, B refers to an area on the map of the game and Cyka Blyat is a literal slang which translates to Damn Bitch.

comrade (referring to a teammate ): Rush B Cyka Blyat

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Rush B Cyka Blyat - what does it mean?

All the definitions for this are related to a video game, which I admittedly do not play. One noted it as a typical Russian greeting. However, "cyka blyat" (pronounced like syoo-ka) means, literally, "bitch fuck." Not one single Russian I know would let you greet them like that unless you're "fuck my sister " cool with them. Suka is an extremely insulting word that frequently means bitch in a prison bitch context.

Yöb tvoyu matya, suka blyat!
Fuck your mother, bitch fuck!

Rush B cyka blyat is a command to Rush B in the video game, with the insulting names added.

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Rush B Cyka Blyat - meaning

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Why is Rush B Cyka Blyat trending?

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Rush B Cyka Blyat - definition

Rush B is a common term used in the game 'CS:GO' to direct your teammates into defeat and mental depression; the 'Cyka blyat' which followed is mainly used in Russia as greetings and pleadings.

Votka: Rush B Rush B
Ben: Ok, calm down my guy...
Votka: Rush B Cyka blyat!

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Rush B Cyka Blyat - slang

A term for the video game Counter Strike: Global Offensive, meaning to rush to the second of two sites on any given map, A and B.

Comrade, we rush B cyka blyat

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Rush B Cyka Blyat

It's an expression used as a callout/strategy planning in CS:GO. It's commonly used in de_dust 2, a map from the aforementioned game.

B in "rush b" is a bomb plant spot, an objective in the game.

It's a phrase in it of itself.

Random CS:GO russian player: "Rush B Cyka Blyat"

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Rush B Cyka Blyat

The easiest way to win in CS:GO (Counter Strike Global Offensive) on T side. You take the bomb to B site and plant it. Make sure you do not stop running till you get there. Some good weapons to use when rushing B are, The P90 sub machine gun, The Russian made AK 47 rifle, and most importantly the P90 sub machine gun.

Random dude: “We are losing, what will we do!”
Sergei: “I have idea”
Random dude: “Oh No.”
Random dude: “That’s the only thing we have done, how about we go A!”
Sergei: “What’s A?”
Random dude “Bruh.”
Sergei: “RUSH B CYKA BLYAT!!!!!!!”

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Rush B Cyka Blyat

Phrase used exclusively in CS:GO by angry russians forgetting all sense of logic and stop thinking straight

Teammate: 'We're losing what are we gonna do?'
Angry russian : 'RUSH B CYKA BLYAT'

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