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What is Rule 36?

The term 36 refers to a 36 year old Australian douchebag who enjoys jam.

What was that?.. 36?

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Rule 36 - what is it?

That’s how many ounces in a brick.

“36... That’s how many ounces in a brick

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What does "Rule 36" mean?

Some big ass rims

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Rule 36 - what does it mean?

Rules 1-36 should be the only excepted rules of the internet, as rules 37+ start to devolve into mindless, unfunny, repeated, and contradictory bullshit.

Lol rule 37 am i rite?
No, only Rules 1-36 are 'rite' yah wee cunt

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Rule 36

The Correct Canadian Slang for the number '36' is Pussy.

Dude, I was with your sister last night and scored me some 36.

That fucking bitches 36 was stinkier than sardines.

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Rule 36

The rule of 36 add the exception to the rule of 34.

To example it, Harvey sucks dick and is a slacker in the RUle of 36

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Rule 36

If a houseguest, squatter or friend has left any take-away within your fridge for 36 hours or longer then the food is fair game and is fully within the public domain.

Bob: Dude! Where the fuck is my kung pau?
Alice: Dunno. Where'd you leave it?
Bob: In the fridge
Alice: And it's not there anymore?!
Bob. Umm... No
Alice: Well, how long ago did you leave it there?
Bob: Last tuesday, I think
Alice: Dude; That was like 3-times-the-36-Hour-Rule ago
Bob: WTF is the "36 Hour Rule"?!!!

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Rule 36

There will always be even more fucked up shit than what you just saw.

derp1: no way rule 36 applies to 2 girls 1 cup...
derp2:Did you know 2girls1cup was just a trailer?

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Rule 36

Basically if anything exists someone would have a fetish for it. For example i have a fetish for bees.

Me: I would fuck a bee.
Person:What the fuck?
Me:You know rule 36 right?
Person: No.
Me:Then look it up.
Person: K.
Me: K.
the end
Person: K.

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Rule 36

If it exists, someone has a fetish for it. No exceptions.

Guy 1: "Porn of bread? You've gotta be kidding! Who would fap to that?"
Guy 2: "Rule 36."

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