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What is Rocky Balboa?

The constant urge to masterbait or "beat your meat" in sub zero temperatures.

I'm really concerned about Ryan's obsession with meat lockers. I think he has Rocky Balboa Syndrome.

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Rocky Balboa - what is it?

When one tokes oneself into a stupor much like that of rocky balboa after he endures rigorous rounds of boxing. The condition can be identified by the following symptoms: slurred speech, uncontrolled rolling of the eyes, and stroke-like facial expressions.
Veterans of this occurrence may refer to this phenomenon as "Rocky Balb" and may shout such phrases as "Cut me boss, I cant see!"

"ooohh abura behder pass huuuu bong."
"I wish you wouldnt get rocky balboa high all the time."

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What does "Rocky Balboa" mean?

You have to eat beans and other gas-causing foods for a period of a week. Concurrently, you do not shower for the same week-long period. Then, you make a girl sit under your ass and proceed to shoot a poop/diahrea mixture all over her face.

For the Rocky Balboa Championship Edition, you need to add corn to your diet during your week of preparation.

That girl thought she was better than me because she is so pretty, so I gave her the Rocky Balboa Championship Edition (R). There were chunks of poo, puddles of diahrea, and corn bits all ova' her grille!

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Rocky Balboa - what does it mean?

v. - to ejacualate in a girl's mouth and before she has any time to spit or swallow the semen, proceed to throw her a haymaker to the side of the face and watch the semen fly out of her mouth.

(ala the blood from a boxer's mouth when he is punched hard enough)

so she blew me last night and right after i came, i give hit that b*tch with the Rocky Balboa

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Rocky Balboa - meaning

After having been blue-balled by some skank, you wait for her to fall asleep and expel ejaculate over the entire surface of her eyes. Upon waking she will experience vision much like that of Rocky in his movies after a fight.

That goat (aka Stevie Nicks) really learned its lesson after a gave it the rocky balboa.

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Rocky Balboa - definition

pretty much any kind of underdog that does better than anyone expected, like rocky balboa in the first movie.

josh hamilton is a rocky balboa.

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Rocky Balboa - slang

An act of masterbation in the shower by having one arm tugging and one arm on the wall like Rocky Balboa's one armed press up.

Dude, I had a fantastic Rocky Balboa in the shower last night.

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Rocky Balboa

noun: the act of punching your partner in the face, after they've finished fellatio, so the ejaculate spews out of his/her mouth like saliva out of the mouth of any of Rocky's adversaries when he delivers a finishing blow.

Her black eye was an unforeseen side effect of giving her the Rocky Balboa.

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Rocky Balboa

Raising your arms and screaming "Drago" at the height of ejaculation signifying reaching the top mountain just like Rocky Balboa in Rocky IV.

Rocky Balboa works best when behind your partner. "Drago" should be drug out to show real emotion. EX:


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Rocky Balboa

Verb- A sexual term. This move is used when the "shocker" (2 in the pink 1 in the stink) and the "spocker" (2 in the pink 2 in the stink) just dont cut it. To perform such a move, one must clench both hands into fists and place one in the pink and one in the stink of a female and thrust to the beat of the song "Eye of the Tiger". An optional enhancement is to scream "ADRIAN!!!" while thrusting to evoke an orgasm.

Ed: "hey man ive tried everything with my girl but it just doesnt seem to work anymore...i think shes gotten too used to all of my moves...what should i do?"

Joe: "have you tried the Rocky Balboa? I did it to patty and she had to wear a diaper for a month. She still begged for it that whole month cause it was that good."

Ed: "sounds painful..."

Joe: "thats what she said. then she tried it. no going back."

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