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What is Retard?

Donald J Trump

Donald J Trump is a retard.

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Retard - video

Retard - what is it?

A Retard is what I am

i am a retard

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What does "Retard" mean?

1. Word used to describe someone who is stupid and NOT someone who suffers from a mental disability. You can use it to describe a person who has a fully formed brain, but keeps fucking up.
2. Only an ignorant jackass would call someone who is mentally handicapped a retard.
3. Only a retard (see above) would be upset simply by the use of the word retard.

Sarah Palin is a retard; her son Trig is not.

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Retard - what does it mean?

A retarded person or "Retard" is someone that has been exposed to idiotidis.

The Retard: Hey, how are you?
Jeff: I'm good
The Retard: Don't you like Sonic and Shadow
Jeff: Yeah there pretty cool
The Retard: Man I wish hedgehogs were real.

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Retard - meaning


Aidan is retarded

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Retard - definition

A retard is a person who does a Scientology course and thinks that it contained valuable information.

Mike thought that that COS management course was really clever - what a retard!

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Retard - slang

Someone who keeps rejecting my definitions.


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A person who acts like the absolute dumbest fuck on the face of the planet

Person 1: Shit, bro! I just dropped my phone in the toilet!!

Person 2: You fucking retard! That’s the third time today!

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It means someone is stupid.

Jimmy: 2+2=51
Tom: Jimmy You are a retard

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The only word in the world that is considered offensive when used properly and used improperly. If used as a replacement for the word stupid someone will immediately point out how you're being offensive. On the contrary, if you call someone who is mentally handicapped retarded, you will also be called offensive.

Person one: You just chugged a 2 liter of Coke and a box of Mentos? You retard.
Person two: Hey, that's offensive! (Proceeds to vomit Coke everywhere)

Person one: Aww, poor Timmy is retarded.
Person two: Hey, that's offensive!

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