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What is Red Pancake?

When a girl is on her period and she shits into a toilet bowl of period blood, thus conpleteing red velvet pancake. Ejaculate topping is optional.

Whats that smell?
Oh yeah I just made some fresh gnarly red velvet pancakes!

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Red Pancake - what is it?

Don't... Just Don't

Guy: I looked up Red Pancake on Google... Thats why i'm .

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What does "Red Pancake" mean?

When a girl that has a blue waffle gets eaten out so much it gets raw and turns red

guy 1: i hear your new girlfriend hs a blue waffle
guy 2: not anymore i...we had sex and i turned it into a red pancake
guy 1: ohhhhh......thats nasty!

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Red Pancake - what does it mean?

A vaginal infection or battering of the vagina

This bitch had a red pancake after 40 years
blue waffle hoe bitch slut

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