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What is Protestant reformation?

1. To whine
2. To Bitch
3. Also see "protesting" -A debate strategy commonly used by Ridgeview and Bakersfield High schools
4. The only lesson jv members at the aforementioned schools learn about
5. Protesting Manuals are equivalent to evidence at these schools.

"OMG! Their case is so good! How are we going to beat it?"-Student #1

"Don't worry, Mr. Herrer gave us a protesting manual before the round. We don't need to think!"- Student #2

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Protestant reformation - what is it?

A person who seriously engages in the hobby of protesting. They run around screaming trying to change the world by getting "them" to do the right thing instead of finishing college, getting a job, or running for office.

My last girlfriend was mad about the environment, the War, and animal rights, so instead of working she went to meetings with other angry protesters.

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What does "Protestant reformation" mean?

Evil Satan worshiping politician, typically republicans.

John McCain is a reformer.

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Protestant reformation - what does it mean?

The sect or branch of Judaism between Reform and Conservative; also known as Conservaform.

My mom was a Reform Jew, but my dad was a Conservative Jew. Since the two were always intermingling and we bounced back and forth between the two, I consider myself a Reformative Jew.

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Protestant reformation

(noun and verb) polite euphemism for corn-hole or corn-holing.

Congress passed tax reform legislation.

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Protestant reformation

Give it a few years, and it will lead to chaos.

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Protestant reformation

1. The art of reforming: the state of being reformed 2. A 16th century religious movement marked ultimately by rejected or modificationof some Roman Catholic doctrine and practice and establishmentt of of the Protestant churches

1. We are going to have a reformation to become a bigger group

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Protestant reformation

one who makes or creates change. a revisionist, a revolutionary, a repeat informant.

street reformant, hope reformant, avoid repeat informants

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Protestant reformation

Being a little fag in the past and making yourself better over time.

Guy 1: My friend is reformed!
Guy 2: What do you mean?
Guy 1: He used to be a douche before, but hes such a nice guy now.

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Protestant reformation

A movement started by a man, Martin Luther, who thought he knew better than 1500 years of theologians and Church teaching.

Person #1: Who was the antisemitic, sexist guy who broke away from the Catholic Church, starting the Protestant Reformation, and thus single-handedly destroyed Christian unity?

Person #2: Martin Luther.

Person #1: Oh.

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