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What is Piss off?

commonly used in a day to day society compleatly acceptable version of saying
1. fuck off
2. get out of my fucking face

piss the fuck off and annoy some other poor bastard

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Piss off - video

Piss off - what is it?

Extremely powerful anger that builds up inside, and you constantly want to release it, but when you do, it unleashes a full wrath that might cause the biggest calamity that had ever existed... or

When you are pissed off at someone or something, that means that you are angry or frustrated at him/her/them/it for whatever he/she/they/it did to you, and you want to get revenge on him/her/them/it.

In other words, you are mad. I mean, really? Do you really need to look this up? Come on! Seriously?

-Seeing that son of a bitch who stole my ipod walk by me really pisses me off.

-Ow! Damn it! This stupid screw punctured my finger, Ahh! This damn thing really pissed me off.

But hey, it's better to be pissed off than to be pissed on!

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What does "Piss off" mean?

the feeling that murder is a perfectly acceptable solution to your problems due to anyone and everyone being so bloody annoying.

"i would advise you not to mess with me at this particular moment in time as i am mightly PISSED OFF!!"

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Piss off - what does it mean?

1. Yeah right, whatever, sure. (sarcastic)
2. Get lost, go away, fuck off.
3. To get someone mad.

1. "Yeah I dumped 20 pills of ecstacy last night."
"Piss off cunt."
2. "You'd better piss off outta here before the cops arrive."
3. "You've gone and pissed off the IRS?Yo' in sum shit."

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Piss off - meaning

1. Feeling like you can kill everyone in 1000 mile radius.

2. When your eyes bulge out and steam comes out from your ear.

1. That dude over there stole my girlfriend. I'm SO pissed off!

2. Looks like daddy's pissed off again.

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Piss off - definition

Annoyed, extremely annoyed.

I was very pissed off when my definition for Kiss My Shiny Metal Ass was rejected for the third time, despite the fact that there was nothing wrong with it. I read why it might not of been posted, and nothing was wrong with it!

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Piss off - slang

Australian slang. A party.

"Mate, are you coming to my piss off tonight?"

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Piss off

Any person who is constantly pissing you/others off or doing things to piss people off.

Wow that guy is such a piss off!

My ex is a piss off.

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Piss off

There can be 4 meanings to the term piss off.
1. Yeah, totally. (Sarcasm)
2. Screw off, get lost.
3. To make someone mad/angry
4. A person whose job is to make people angry, a job done for pleasure.

1. "Yo, bro, I asked Megan out today. She said yes!"
"Piss off, you bitch"
2. "Who are you?"
"I'm James! You invited me to the jam!"
"Go piss off, I didn't invite you for shit."
3. "Hey, you shithead. You really pissed me off yesterday. It's time to pay."
4. "Greg, why are you being such a fucking piss off?"

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Piss off

I think it's a way of telling some one to get lost

John said to Paul piss off

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