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What is Phat?

When a bum is very well shaped but it not actually fat.

Daaaammnnn bro look at Nina Tomic Bum it is sooooo phat!!!

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Phat - what is it?

not overweight but thicc.

B) did you see Kennedys phat booty
A) Yes she is thicc and skinny at the same time!

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What does "Phat" mean?

Used when saying a girl has a big booty. It is pronounced like the word "fat" but it is not describing someone's weight.

Guy 1: "Damn bro she got a phat ass"

Guy 2: "Hell yeah man"

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Phat - what does it mean?

/Fat/ (Adjective) 1.) To describe extreme sarcasm. 2.) Attempts at amusement. Facetiousness.

"Charles was being too phat around his teachers, and was sent to the principals office daily."

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Phat - meaning

Pretty hot and tempting

Girl you are phat.

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Phat - definition

A man/statue who always gets his currency kleptostacked

Person: Yo, did you see that Phat? He is missing his wallet

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Phat - slang

A word to describe someone with a fat ass. Another word for thicc

Person1: Hey there!
Person2: Hey!
Person1: You have a phat ass
Person2: Thanks dtf?

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A word that never should have been invented in the first place.

Man, that's "phat"!

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A word used by white suburban kids who think they are gangster to describe something "cool"/stupid and used to describe how "gangsta"/gaudy their wigger friend's ricer is.


Me: No. It is insanely gaudy.

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phat with a "ph" means thick

damn that girl got a phat ass

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