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What is Pedestrian?

(1) The act of being a pedestrian as a way of thinking and being.

(2) An act committed whilst being a pedestrian (Kind of like terrorism)

(1) "I was thinking of starting the first church of Pedestrianism"

(2) When he walked infront of a car, the newspapers reported it only as a 'pedestrianism'

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Pedestrian - what is it?

(verb) To bring oneself to become a "pedestrian," by walking across some expanse.

One thing I want to do before I turn 30 is pedestrianate myself across Europe.

I pedestrianated myself from your house to mine.

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What does "Pedestrian" mean?

Common place, everyone doing it, conformity.

"Those Cloggs are so pedestrian."

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Pedestrian - what does it mean?

A verb meaning to walk across the street. However, one will be judged for the lack of brain cells if this word is used.

Bob: While I was pedestrianing across the road--
Joe: Are you thick? You "walk" across the road.

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Pedestrian - meaning

Being left without a car or some other motor vehicle.

(Your brother takes your car without asking)

"I'm going to the store. Where's my car? Damn it! I've been pedestrianized"

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Pedestrian - definition

An insult applied to people who do something stupid or senseless.

I can't believe you shot him, you pedestrian!

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Pedestrian - slang

Is just another word for speed bump.

Abandon All Ships-Pedestrian is just another word for speed bump now called take one last breath.

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A political or religious belief.... maybe in the middle of the road or just don't give a F**K! A great answer when someone asks what political or religious belief are you... just say PEDESTRIAN!

I am a liberal, conservative pedestrian who is not affiliated with a religion, however I celeberate all of the Christian, Jewish, Muslem and other such holidays in order to get cool gifts and to get drunk!

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An awesome form of speedbump, mainly involving screaming and blood effect

Your brand new kitten

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Average! Boring! Normal!!

The Name - Jack Smith - Is soooo pedestrian!

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