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What is Palmtree?

He’s a FUCKING model. No one is as hot as him and his girlfriend doesn’t know I gave him anal on the Fourth of July. I have many pictures of him so tell me if you want one.


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Palmtree - meme gif

Palmtree meme gif

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Palmtree - what is it?

A sign language movement causeing the hand looking like as if someones penis is exploding. This can be formed by taking your right and and shaping it into an "O" form then moving it up and down 3 times quickly then on the third time, let your hand move upwards then let you hand form as if your throwing something into the air. This may be used in a convo, jokes or awkward situations.

CHainsaw: *Does the plam tree movement*
Rachel: Wohh, I didnt know you knew sign language
CHainsaw: Huh?
Rachel:Yeah, *does palmtree movment* that means palm tree
CHainsaw: Ohh.. Yeah.. Uh...

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What does "Palmtree" mean?

the opposite of a cougar, a young woman who likes older men. These women may like men way out of their leagues, but not in the sense of appearance or social stand, but because the men they are interested in are 20+ years older than her and may already have a wife and kids.

In the movie "Juno", Olivia Thirlby, Juno's best friend is portrayed as a palmtree, she is always hitting on teachers.

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