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What is Palestine?

A town in east texas good for causing migraines and growing football players.

Adrian Peterson grew up in Palestine Texas

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Palestine - meme gif

Palestine meme gif

Palestine - video

Palestine - what is it?


American: Dude grab your passport and let's go visit Israel!
Haji: Sorry bro it reads, "The holder of this passport is not entitled to travel to the occupied Palestine".

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What does "Palestine" mean?


thats palestine
whats is palestine lol, thats israel

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Palestine - what does it mean?

Some city in Texas that share a name with the automatons area in the middle east.

Guy 1:Bruh I'm from Palestine
Guy 2:I didn't know you were Arab

Guy 1: no i mean the city in Texas.

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Palestine - meaning

A land stuck between a rock and a hard place. Continuous struggle with Israel. Killing for religion, see Megadeth, Yet they do not realise they are the same Semitic people. Peace will only come when they have to band together to fight Aliens, see Gargons.

Palestine + Israel = Paleisrael

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Palestine - definition

The birthplace of Jesus Christ (the central figure of Christianity).

Uneducated person: I'm so proud to be American because the U.S. is where Jesus was born!

Educated person: Dude, Jesus was never born in America. He was born in Palestine. Do your research.

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Palestine - slang

A very small town in east texas.Fondly reffered to by younger natives as P-town. The population mainly consists of rednecks who listen to rap and pat green, drink beer, and smoke shit weed. There are two school's in P-town- Palestine ISD and Westwood ISD. The reasoning behind this has yet to be discovered. The highlights of P-town include a Wal-Mart supercenter, El-Torro's (a "mexican" food restaurant), over 100 churches, some prisons, the annual Hot Pepper Festival, Hard Hat Harry-everyone's favorite homeless guy, and Adrian Peterson. Most people will drive through this town sooner or later, so if you happen to come across it.. don't stop or get out of your car.

I hate Palestine.

Man, I really fucking hate Palestine!

I can't wait to get out of Palestine.

I love Palestine and I am also very stupid. That explains why.

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Palestine ( Arabic: ΩΩ„Ψ³Ψ·ΩŠΩ†β€Ž ; English: Palestine ; Greek: Παλαιστίνη, PalaistinΔ“; Latin: Palaestina; Hebrew: ארΧ₯ΦΎΧ™Χ©Χ¨ΧΧœ) is an ancient land that spanned the area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, and various adjoining lands; predating Hebrew and Biblical times.

Unfortunately, in 1948 it was partitioned to unite the so-called β€œGod’s Chosen People”. Even though the indigenous Semitic-Arab inhabitants can trace their history to Biblical/Hebrew times and prior.

Palestine will be reborn and free.

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A country ruled by Arabs for over 1000 years. Der Judenstaat, a Austrian Zionist, began to advocate the creation of a Jewish state in either Argentina or Palestine. During the 1940's Zionist from Poland, Italy, Germany, and other European countries entered Palestine as a result of the holocaust. Before the holocaust Christians, Muslims, and Jews lived happily as neighbors but when the Zionists came into Palestine they then took the land and homes of the civilians and slaughtered many Christians and Muslims. Today they oppress non-Jews, and in the year 2004 the Israelis killed over 450 women and children. In the Six-day War the Israelis were losing to the Arab countries until America came in and threatend to bomb any country opposing Israel. Since 1949 American tax payers have given Israel over $83.205 billion. Mentioned in the Bible as Palestine, and not Israel. Even Pope John Paul II refused to recognize Palestine as Israel. Also more that 90% of Jordans population are originally Palestinain, which came to Jordan as a result of the attacks done by the Israelies which resulted in the loss of the Palestinan's land and homes. There are even many Pro-Palestinian protestors, who are Jewish, in Palestine, who are often arrested and beaten by Israeli officials.
All of this information is factual and could be checked up online.

I know many Palestinians whose lands were stolen by the Israelis.

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It's a country not classified as a country. The people have separate IDs/Passports from the Israelis. There are areas where only Palestinians can go and then there are areas where only Israelis can go. There's a giant wall separating the two countries. If you want to cross over, you have to show your documents and they, the officials, can either let you in or send you back. There's a border (thanks to the wall), there's a separate government (even if it's not exactly the ideal one), it's a separate nationality. In my opinion that makes it a separate nation.

Palestine should be considered it's own country independent of any outside governments.

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